Copy and Paste Images Into Google, Blogger and WordPress with PicturePaste

    Jennifer Farley

    PicturePaste is a small windows utility that allows you to use the copy and paste function in web-based rich text editors. Web browsers do not currently support this function. Certainly you can copy an image from a browser and then paste into a desktop, but it is frustrating when you try to paste an image into Google Docs or Yahoo Mail or WordPress, because it just doesn’t work.

    PicturePaste gets around this problem by letting you click on an image in any desktop app or on the web, convert it and then drag it into almost any browser-based editor. I used it in WordPress and Gmail and it works like a dream. When you copy an image, it goes to the clipboard and the image appears in the PicturePaste window.


    You can choose  PNG or JPG, press the convert button and then drag the converted image into your web app. In WordPress you need to use the visual editor rather than HTML view for this to work.


    The converted image is saved to the cloud. It’s that easy.

    You can also use PicturePaste to take a screengrab using the Print Screen key to capture the whole screen or Alt + Print Screen to capture a single window.

    The program works with:
    • Google mail (Gmail)
    • Google Docs word processor
    • ZOHO word processor
    • Windows Live Hotmail, Yahoo Mail
    • Blogger and WordPress
    • …and almost all web-based rich text editors

    You can download a free version of PicturePaste which allows you to use the copy and paste 50 images. The commercial version has unlimited photo conversion: US $29.95 (+ local taxes) or UK £18.00 (+VAT)   £21.15 inc. VAT. It requires Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 and works with most modern web browsers except Opera. Find out more at the PicturePaste website.

    Please note this is an entirely independent review of PicturePaste, I was not paid by the company to write this.