Which index in Analytic is important for SEO?

As my title, which index of Analytic important for SEO? Bounce rate, time on site, …

Nothing in Analytics has any direct bearing on SEO, as search engines don’t have access to that information…

High bounce rate or short time spent on site might be an indication that your content is poor, and in this case, working on your content should also improve your performance in SEO. But a high bounce rate and short time on site might also be an indication that your content is good, and your site well laid out. Visitors are arriving on the page they want, achieving what they came for and leaving again satisfied, without the need to hunt around he site. Only you are in a position to decide which of these is more likely.

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Doesn’t a high bounce rate hurt a website’s SEO and ultimate success with search engines?

It seems like if you are too efficient with getting visitors quick answers then you will be penalized.



Search engines have no way of knowing the bounce rate for your site. They may be able to track visitors who click a link to your site in search results, then return almost immediately to the search page, but other than that, how would they gain this information?

Then does bounce rate have anything to do with SEO?

Maybe bounce rate just tells you if people like your website and tend to stay?

Well, as I say, you need to be careful how you interpret bounce rate, and obviously its significance will vary, depending on your site.

Perhaps you have a site advertising a bricks and mortar business. I want to know your opening hours so I can visit. I check your site, immediately find the information I want, and leave again, thinking “What a great site! It’s so easy to use.” So what looks like a “bounce” is a happy visitor.

On the other hand, your business might be entirely on-line, so that scenario is not applicable. I visit your site and spend quite a long time visiting various pages. You interpret that as me liking your site, because I’ve hung around for a while, but I might just as easily have left thinking “Well, that was a waste of time. I couldn’t find what I wanted at all. Rotten site - really badly laid out. I’m not going back there.”

My point being, that bald statistics don’t tell the whole story.



Looks like I know nothing about SEO and marketing. Guess I need to find some good books and read up on it if I ever want to do it.

Thanks for the insight!

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I can recommend Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide” for the basics.

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It’s whatever analytic you’re using to define your visitors accomplishing the key task(s) they wanted to complete. That may be buying a product. filling in a contact form, or just finding an article that answers their question(s).

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Very well explained :slight_smile:

Google Analytics setup is very crucial in SEO

Why? Can you explain @ultimezekereana? Making a statement like that without giving good reasons is not much help to anyone.

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Without further clarification, that statement would appear to be wrong, never mind unhelpful.

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I have more a question for you. The visitor source country be effect to keywords postion on global?

Ex; my website get alot of traffic from “US” but, i need SEO keywords on “Japan”. Is this effect to to my keywords?

Because, i had seen some website have keywords on other country but they focus to their country.

Thank you!

The language of the site will be a big factor in this.
I presume it is in English if you get most traffic from the US.

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thank you,
i know this, but i want to ask about effect of country traffic to keywords positions. Ex: i have a website with meta language “US” but i get alot of traffic from Indian. Is this effect to my keywords positions on US and my keywords will be rank up or down?

Waiting for your reply.

The amount of traffic you get (or don’t get) has no effect on SEO.

Search engines have no way of knowing how much traffic your site receives, beyond that which comes directly from their pages.

It’s a platform to analyze your traffic so that you can start work according to your plan. I think most important is goal and bounce rate in google analytics. If you have any target location then that also matters that you’re getting traffic from your targeted location or not. Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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