What is bounce rate?

what is bounce rate? should it be high or low? my website has high bounce rate.

Does this help?

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"Bounce rate is single-page sessions divided by all sessions or the percentage of all sessions on your site in which users viewed only a single page and triggered only a single request to the Analytics server And one should keep this in check in order to build SEO traction and secure SERP rank as it tell the web crawler that said page is relevant and people are sticking to this for their query.

Here are some technique to keep bounce rate in control -

  • Avoid having too many ads and hyper attractive banners on your site. They interfere with site navigation and make visitors ‘ad blind’.
  • Make site navigation as easy as possible.
  • Cut back your main page down to essentials.
  • Make sure you install the analytics code on all the pages of your website.
  • Include quality content and highlight your best posts above the fold.
  • Write a tag-line or blurb for your main page.
  • Make your site easy on the eye with mild graphics and layout."
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Bounce rate: It is a number showing the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page.

This number should be as low as possible thats why Google analytics always shows it with green colour when lesser than as compared to previous session.

By Google: single-page sessions divided by all sessions, or the percentage of all sessions on your site in which users viewed only a single page

That’s not necessarily true. From the Google link in post #2 above:

Is a high bounce rate a bad thing?

It depends.

If the success of your site depends on users viewing more than one page, then, yes, a high bounce rate is bad. For example, if your home page is the gateway to the rest of your site (e.g., news articles, product pages, your checkout process) and a high percentage of users are viewing only your home page, then you don’t want a high bounce rate.

On the other hand, if you have a single-page site like a blog, or offer other types of content for which single-page sessions are expected, then a high bounce rate is perfectly normal.

Somebody arriving at your site, finding all the information on the page they arrive on and leaving happy, with a good impression of your site, will register as a “bounce”. On the other hand, somebody who arrives at your site, spends a long time searching and leaves frustrated without finding what they want will not register as a “bounce”. Which of these two visitors would be more likely to visit again, do you suppose?


In general, you’d want it to be low. Too high bounce rate is bad for SEO.

Looks like you didn’t read the advice from Google then. It’s always a good idea to read all the posts in a topic before replying.


Thanks for clarifying. I meant the same but haven’t explained it with example. There are 2 parameters to measure the rate of people leaving from your website.
Exit Rate: Counted when 1 website visitor leaves the website after visiting more than 1 page in his sessions.
Bounce Rate: Should be low in general, and it matters for only for 1 particular page of website.

Hey sabdymark,
Thanks for giving time for telling about “bounce rate”.
Bounce Rate is a time visitor spend on your website it must be low otherwise your site will not ranked on SEO basis.

Did you read the previous replies?
Do you have some reputable source of information to be able to contradict those answers?


Yes, I have read all the previous replies and I replied you on the basis of my opinions as I have lot of knowledge and source of information about bounce rate.
And your bounce rate must be in range of 26% to 40%.

So you know better than Google then?

@SamA74 asked if you have any reputable source. You’ve not quoted any, just given a random figure of 26-40%.

@gandalf ,NO.How I can know more than from google? As google is book of great knowledge I have knowledge and I am nothing in front of google.
Here is reference website: https://www.gorocketfuel.com/the-rocket-blog/whats-the-average-bounce-rate-in-google-analytics/
where I researched for Bounce Rate.
I hope now you will agree form my opinion.
Thanks for giving me again time for saying about Bounce rate topic.

Off topic:
I have removed the link from your post, @rizwansheikh338, as it did not link to a relevant article.

@technobear now check it please.

Thank you. That’s a good article, but it doesn’t confirm your statement that

Rather, it reaches the conclusion which has already been expressed in this thread that

It’s important to remember the baseline for a “good” bounce rate will vary from site to site.


If we talk in simple language, then bounce rate is the percentage of the visitors who spend less time on your website. It can be due to the entering any website by mistake, might be the user enter your website just by reading the title and he found nothing he checked your website. In this way, the bounce rate is calculated. Low percentage of bounce rate is good for you. If it is getting higher day by day, then you need to check the exact reason like it could be in the content, images, UI, and anything.

As the OP hasn’t returned since posting, it seems pointless to offer further advice. Thanks to all who have posted. Topic closed.

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