How to work google analytical in SEO

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How to work google analytical in SEO . What are the main benefits of Google analytical.
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Google Analytic s used for Who’s are visiting our website. Easily find out . In analytic you will see which country are peoples came from and cities, browser and for the keywords also . Its most important for ANy websites.

Along with that you can see your Google adwords and adsense campaign data as well.

It is the main part of SEO because we can track here a flag . Also its a user counter tool. Who is visiting your website also it help us to check penalty of website penalized ? Sometime it happen When a bandwidth has been limited here we can get report and we can change our bandwidth package.

For me, the information is invaluable in managing my websites. I use it alot for testing different things on my sites - you can highlight an issue, change something and see what results you get.


In terms of accuracy, Google Analytics has simply been shown to be one of the most accurate estimators of traffic and demographic statistics that you can find on the Web today. Combine that with the accessible interface, relative ease of use, and free cost, and you have a very quality SEO metrics tool in my opinion.

Google analytic tool facilitates us to track everything about website. There are hundreds of different ways to analyze traffic and traffic behaviors with different metrics given in the tool. It has eased to built successful marketing strategies.

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it gives you a full report on your website’s traffic that is from where the traffic is coming to your site and which keyword is helping your site more. It’s an important tool that also describes that from which country you getting more traffic and what is your bounce rate and many more i suggest you to read Google’s guidelines about it. :slight_smile:

Google analytical show total number of visitor on daily, weekly & monthly bases. and track you website .