Do bounce rates affect a site's SEO ranking?

My website bounce rate around 70% is this really affect my SEO ranking.

No. Google has stated that they do not use Analytics data for their ranking.
If you are concerned about bounce rate there is a recent topic here about it which you may find useful:-


Short answer - no.

Google does not use Analytics data in search rankings.

Also, you cannot use bounce rate in isolation to judge a site’s performance.

As I said in another thread recently:

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High bounce rate means visitor not liking your landing page. Or you are targeting wrong audience, then you need to improve your website content according to visitors. High bounce rate affect your seo badly.

Not necessarily. Read my post above.

No, it doesn’t. Read my post above.

I have no problem at all with you responding to what I’ve said with a well-argued reply, but please don’t post a contradictory reply without something to back it up.

Google does not use Analytics data in search results, and there is no other way a search engine could know your bounce rate.

Google doesn’t use analytics data but that doesn’t mean a high bounce rate won’t affect your site. It sends a strong signal to google that people aren’t getting what they are looking for.

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So how does Google - or any other search engine - know what your bounce rate is? How could they possibly measure it? At best, they could only know about traffic coming directly from their own pages, and even then, how do they know which other pages on your site have or have not been visited?

Also, as explained above, a high bounce rate does not necessarily indicate visitor dissatisfaction. Bounce rate needs to be read in conjunction with other information which, again, search engines do not have access to. It would therefore be an unreliable metric to use in ranking, even supposing they could measure it.

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There is still no evidence that Bounce rate affect SEO ranking of website. 70% bounce rate is not a bad thing. Bounce rate of website could be reduced by

  1. linking your website to related content.
  2. High quality Content
  3. Letting the users to Comment
  4. More landing pages are also helpful in reducing Bounce rate.
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As far as i know google never consider google analytics data when they set the ranking but a high bounce rate is a strong indication that your site is lacking something which would retain the customer. So test your site, make it more attractive and informative to reduce the bounce rate

Not necessarily. It could mean that the visitor has found what they’re looking for and don’t need to look at another page.

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I didn’t deny that anyway

Yes . It does. You need to improve your page bounce rate by writing good and informative content.Go through your content and find out what’s missing.

If that is the case, then could you explain how a search engine would know what the bounce rate is for your page, in order to take that into account? It has already been explained that Google does not use Analytics data in search rankings. If you have an authoritative (i.e. search engine) source explaining (a) how they calculate bounce rate and (b) how they determine whether or not that bounce rate is acceptable (given that it has also been explained that a high bounce rate is not in itself an indication of a problem) I would be most interested to see it.

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