What is fastest way of getting website traffic?

what is fastest way of increasing traffic on website?i have web site but i dont have much trafic although ihave all unique articles and niche is news.

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[FONT=Georgia]One of the better ways these days seems to be to reach people through online social networks. Web-surfing isn’t so popular these days as it was before Hi5 and Facebook, so I think SEO-ing your site to the max has become less important than it used to be.

Now it’s to have Twitter and Facebook pages for your website, and come up with consistent, but quality, interactions that tease viewers into visiting the site to get the rest of the story.

Don’t fall into the trap of paying for Facebook ads though. There’s growing concern that the Facebook ads are fed by click farms, and so actually dilute the Facebook traffic of your page with uninterested users.[/FONT]


I’m not too keen on Twitter, so I can’t offer any advice there. Anyone?

An interesting video - perhaps this explains the likes another forum user was questioning a month or so ago. I would link this to his post but I can not remember which one it was now!

[FONT=Georgia]Yup. Explains the similar trend I’d noticed with my Facebook Page too. I market B2B, so it wasn’t too big a concern for me personally, but many of my clients (who are in retail markets) are struggling with it.

One thing we’ve found that works very, very well for Facebook though, is photographs. Two of my regular clients are sports organisers, and publishing albums after events, without fail, leads to huge traffic spikes! All ‘organic’.[/FONT]

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You can go for Pay per click(PPC) to increase traffic to your site or else go for off page techniques like blog commenting and forum submissions. also use your unique content by posting it on various social media.

Really interesting video, @Shaun_OfTheDead.

I believe you’re thinking of this thread: http://www.sitepoint.com/forums/showthread.php?1183790-Is-someone-buying-likes-to-our-FB-page-How-does-this-insights-look-to-you-guys

@kungknas might find Shaun’s video of interest, too.

I think both of these are now largely a waste of time, as they tend to be used by people more interested in Spamming than in making a useful contribution. You may get traffic if you become a regular poster of helpful, thoughtful contributions, but that approach is hard work and takes time. The question is about the fastest way to increase traffic.

But if you post it in more than one place, it’s no longer unique. :slight_smile: Also, you’re then in danger of having your social media pages competing with your site for organic traffic when that content comes up in search results.

Quick results are hard to achieve and leads to techniques that can cause problem for your website. You might find established sites with traffic in niches related to your site and advertise on them. They may be a lot cost effective than any other advertising you can get. For example, if you are selling clothes you may advertise on make up sites or vise versa. This way you may benefit from their traffic.

[FONT=Georgia]Please, no.

If you were to try that here, you’d likely get banned unless, as TechnoBear said, you took the time to build a relationship and offer consistent, quality feedback to the community.[/FONT]

I know that there are chances of increased competition in organic search but if there is traffic on my fan page then some traffic might also come to my website searching for me. and is there any way where I can link my social media pages with my website? like a link wheel…

In my opinion there is a fast way, you have “only” to work hard, very hard.

Propably start using social media (give you immediately short results) and do at the same time SEO plus a good link building strategy.

Youtube funny viral video is my answer to fast, cheap traffic for a website :slight_smile:

Best and fastest way to drive traffic to a blog is using Social Media sites and Social Bookmarking sites.
Driving traffic to a new blog with proper SEO takes time but is more worth than SMM.
There are hundred’s of Social sites through which you can drive massive traffic.
Build a userbase for a social profile.So that next time when you create a new blog it will be very easy to increase visitors to that blog.

Join social media & groups of social network, use picture sharing sites for promotions of landing pages. Also use content marketing, promote blogs on social media, also create business listing for your site.
if you continue this strategy for 1 month i am dam sure you will get 1 k visitor in day by these strategy.

Hello friend, it is obvious and necessary that each website has a unique content, it is good for your website, but is the content is relevant to your targeted keyword? is the content is relevant enough to get on SERP for the targeted keyword? Is the Content is interesting enough to engage your visitors or readers? There are many things to consider. But right now, how you can increase your traffic, the best and effective way to increase traffic is “Blog Posting”, post good content blog and share it over the Internet through different Social Media Sites, do Video posting, do PPT submission, do PDF Submission, do Info-graphics. All these are the ways to get more and more traffic on your website.

Note : 2 things are in common for all the activities the matter of the article or video or PPT should be interactive and fresh, and do proper social media activities to share it over the internet.

I’m not sure I understand why blog posting would be more useful than simply posting good quality content on the site and sharing it from there. And not all sites/niches lend themselves to blogging. What sort of posts do you suggest in order to drive traffic to a news site, which is what techmaster is asking about?

Please explain what you mean by these techniques, and why you think they will help drive traffic.

[B]General note for posters:

Many people coming here to look for help are beginners. Using jargon and throw-away phrases like “do Info-graphics” doesn’t help if they don’t know what those phrases mean or what the techniques are. Please take the time to explain your answers clearly.[/B]

According to your post is that have “all unique articles and niche is news”, I personally suggest you to build community with facebook page and always share newest content from your site’s also gain more quality backlink from the relevant niche. I think PPC is the last option as you doesn’t sell any product.

I don’t think any one thing, whether SEO or Social Media, will help get quick results. PPC will get quick click thrus to your website, but it’s conversions into sales that business owners want. That’s what I try to focus on by building a well-rounded campaign. As I know it takes a couple of touches before someone actually makes a purchase, using remarketing techniques that seemingly have the brand follow potential customers as they surf the Web work well to build brand exposure.

Remember, the OP is asking about a news site; sales are not relevant here.

This might sound a little bit blackhat but in its essence it is not. I buy traffic from established freelancing sites like <snip> for example (you can find few great buyers there). This should not be your main source for traffic but it will help you boost your rankings in a long run.