Fastest Way to Get Traffic to your Website

hey guys, any suggestions?! I thing that uploading videos to different video sharing sites helps a lot. But what are the other things that could help? I’m sure there are so many out there but I’m not that sure which are the BEST and the FASTEST way!

It depends on type of your site. Social bookmarking is usually #1 choice today


There are numerous way which u can promote it … use social networking and bookmakings effectively… dats a gr8 tool for getting traffic to your site…

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ya social bookmarking is great but the traffic is useless

It’s not useless if you know how to do bookmarking RIGHT.

Yeah Social Bookmarking is best way to get traffic but try to get back links form your relevant & High PR sites it helps you to get traffic.

I just discover that you can outrank on Google a full website just with one page short article throwing a bunch of links:

That seems a quick way isn’t it ?

Article wrting and submitting it to major submission site is also a good option.

If it comes for generating traffic then i must say social bookmarking is one of the best way.

Use social networking sites like Facebook . That will really help you. And Twitter too helps you in getting high traffic to your website.

Use Yahoo Answers. Put your URL in the source box.

70% of backlinks and a lot of traffic doing this site in my signature.

Try social networks and creating video of your websites and promote it in youtube… That’s what I’m doing right now while optimizing my websites in Google.

you can actually generate traffic on uploading video site but its a chance most of the traffic that your gaining s not a quality traffic. try to use the organic SEO Strategy in order for you to have a internet traffic.

posting a video ads on a different video site i one factor but it is not necessarily your gaining a quality traffic you should do organic SEO for you to increase website PR and traffic.

The fastest way to get traffic to your website is with PPC ads, this is the fastest way and you will get your traffic need in a minute, nothings fast than this way.

Do you use automated social bookmarking by chance? And, if you do, how is that working out for you? I ask, because I’m looking into it, and just wanted to get some personal insight from a few folk, before using auto submit software. Thank you in advance =)

I’m using Twitter for traffic building and that is working wonders for one of my sites, that went from a PR 0 to PR4 in less than 5 months. I was shocked

Some choice you have is
social bookmarking
Article submission sites
Blog commenting

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