What is fastest way of getting website traffic?

Until Google finds out and then the site will vanish from the SERP’s

That’s why I’ve said that you should use this method with caution. Only a dosed amount of traffic.

from my point of view best way of getting traffic on your website SEO…start optimizing your website to get better result…If you can Afford you can hire an seo team who will help you to get traffic on your website…SEO has become a very necessary step for gaining traffic on website…<snip>

If you have that much of budget then, Google adwords that is PPC is the best way to get traffic. this will bring relevant traffic to your website too. other than this go for various off page SEO techniques like forum and blog commenting and also promote your website on the social networking sites. social networking helps to increase the reach of your product and at times also brings traffic.

Just having original content on your site, will not help you in getting more traffic to your site. For this, you should promote your site through SMO, means you should use social media sites like twitter, facebook, linkedIn, etc. You can even make your business page on these sites and can promote your product or services over there. Other than this, you can also use off page SEO techniques to get more traffic to your site.

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