What is the best way to increase blog traffic?

What is your opinion?

Stumbleupon and Facebook fan pages are pretty good.

For me the best way to increase blog traffic is that you target more keywords and make them rank on SERPs. The more visible keywords you have the more traffic you receive for your blog.

SEO, Commenting, Networking, Linkbait, Stumbleupon, Quality Content, List Posts… Try these it will help you in increasing the traffic.

post some quality content in blogs, do good promotion, then you will get traffic.

Quality content is, of course, the first thing you need. If you have that, join forums like SitePoint and social networking groups like Facebook and social bookmarking sites such as Blog Catalog, Stumble Upon, and MyBlogLog.

  1. Be an active, helpful members of the forums you join.
  2. At social networking sites, don’t just post your own links. Post links to other sites you find interesting. Make comments on your friends posts that show you are genuinely interested in what they have to say or the links they have posted.
  3. Network on social networking sites and social bookmarking sites by joining groups and be an active, contributing member of the groups you join.
    Just like it takes money to make money, it takes being a friend to make friends on the web. These friends will be come your visitors as well as those who will link to your site and use their networks to let their friends and contacts know about your quality content.
  1. update everyday
  2. quality content
  3. seo
  4. backlinks
  5. meta tag

Make sure to submit rss feed to directories that allow it also.

Fresh content and do all the promotions techniques of off page optimization.Then traffic will follow. Also, Social networks can really help if you know how to handled you accounts. :slight_smile:

A favorite of mine will always be Ezine.

i’m agree rcj662 because Rss feed very important :):):slight_smile:

To increase traffic you need to feed your blog with useful contents daily. Do some link building (I suggest one way linking) to high PR sites with high traffic and good ranking in SERP.

Social bookmarking , link building etc are the very fast methods to bring traffic to your site. The forum writing, blog writing etc also helps to increase traffic to a site.

The best way to drive traffic to your blog is to write a catchy content and also promote it using blog submission directories…and other methods of promotion…

commenting and backlink

Spend some times on promoting your newsletters subscription to make sure your readers come back later.

I think every body has mentioned almost every known technique, except tweeting about your blog…but first, build up your followers…for more info just visit my blogs.

Create a Twitter account and link it with your Blog!

Well usually I take help of article submission,social bookmarking,twitter,facebook and also commenting on high PR with quality comment.Guest posting is also nice way to get backlinks.Read this post for more detail:


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