Traffic from Social Media

I submit my website to social media website but i got traffic only from stumbleupon. How can I get traffic from other websites?

Qualitative content with visual influence (images) helps a lot for getting traffic form social media sites hence always post and share fresh content with image or infographic because people are interested more in it, in place of full text based content.

Should build network in social media sites with other users and do comment on their post and like posts.

Strong profile with business logo also helps to increase traffic from social media sites because first impression is the last impression as well as it will help to increase user trust in your profile.

Publish good informative article/blogs on your site and share it on all the social media channels. Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr will give excellent traffic if the content is interesting and genuine. There are many paid services to share the content in social media starting as low as $50. These help you to share the content at one go.

you have surely heard about the SEO services as it focuses only upon populating the traffic on your route … it’s diverse range of features in form of PPC, online marketing, rank raising and making an effective display to your site are of great support to give your stuff a certain boost…

You should write unique and simple content. Post articles, blog and share it on social networking sites like facebook, linkedin, twitter, google+, so that you can get more and more traffic on your website.

Currently Social media become more popular. Hence if you want more traffic then first you have strong profile with perfect details. Share latest stuff with friends, Join related groups, Create business pages and share it with your friends and groups.

Have you checked whether the social media sites you are submitting are either Do Follow or No Follow?

No follow and Do follow doest affect, each social channel has its own way of working. e.g. Reedit, you need to participate actively in group discussions, try to answer any question posted there. Similarly each channel you are working on would require a strategy that can be created by analysis how your industry partners are working on the same channel.

I suppose it depends on what you mean by “submitting your site” to social media sites. Do you have profiles on these sites? Are they business pages or are they personal profiles? Is the content useful to the audience? Are the posts appealing and do they encourage people to click? Did you post a link in a status update, tweet, etc or are you saying you have your URL on your profile? Do you have a following on your social media profiles? If you could provide a little more information you might get some better answers.



you can get more traffic through social media marketing if you submit your website link in social media then share it.

one more suggestion i want to add here apart from the importance of a quality content and SEO help is do and wait … which means after doing the favorable efforts you have to wait for a while to get it come into the eyes and yes don’t left any your stuffs over the web without updating it regularly as it would help in spreading an accurate info to the readers …

These days Social media can increase the instant traffic, but it doesn’t work out in long run. SEO Services will give us better solution

If you want more traffic from social media then you need to be more active on these site with unique content and information.


Garden Tents

method of bringing traffic is different for all social media websites. some needs good quality images, some need funny content, some need many followers.

Good quality content and reasonable frequency will help drive it.

Keep in mind life of a FB post is 2.5 hours so content is not really visible after that time.

You can’t get the traffic only just by submitting your website on social networking sites. You should have Strong social network to drive good traffic to your submitted website. You have to talk with your friends about the website and ask them to click on the website.After these you can get some traffic.

stumbleupon is one of the best sites to get traffic to your site, but you need to keep working on other social media sites, the other sites may not give you results as fast as stumbleupon but with the passage of time the traffic will grow, also work on your SEO. it is the best was to get desired traffic from search engines.

There are many simple ways to get more traffic on your website such as:-

__ Sign up with Facebook,Twitter,and other social media sites to increase traffic to your website.
__ Build your friend list and add them.
__ Is their somethings goes on the news and this news is related on your field business,then add this links to your website.
__ If you add your link to all your posts, you will ultimately increase website traffic.

And in this way you can get more traffic on your website.

khawajahassan, you may also want to try buzzbundle


You can use it to put links to your site from different forums and blogs. But you kind of have to know how to do it with BB.
Besides, it lets you manage all your Facebook accounts , Twitter, Google+, YouTube and other accounts in one place.

And, most often it’s not just about putting a link from Twitter to your site (this is just an example). You have to be active in those social networks, talk to people, like, share and re-post their stuff. This is how you get noticed and they actually follow the links you put.

stumbleupon and delicious are the best for social media