SEO using forums

Hello. I have been working in the SEO business for about three months. I have learned all from my boss but I want to know what do you think about using forums for linkbulding, especially using your signature.
I found forums where I can post links in the signature, altough I post about news or other topics and discus about the topics I am interested in. Does this help?

There is a thin line between promotion and spamming. Forums are not primarily meant to promote your service, but to discuss on the issues that people encounter with. However, forums also offers a reward to their genuine participates to add links to their profiles or websites in their signature to spread a word.

Ok Please tell me even though people says that spamming is bad you should not include a signature to spam on a forum then why so many old members are having signature linking towards other site why aren’t they have link in their signature which points towards there profile on other sites which tell us more about there profile not about there site as I thinks that is also spamming…please let me know as being a new member i really wanted to know about it.

Link building using Forums involves clean approach. You need to be genuine, need to have patience and should actively participate actively without spamming, if you try u will be caught.

There are many forums that do not let you add link to signature until you contribute to forum. As a join a forum your introduction also helps as many users visit your profile, if signature is added 1 out of 10 may click and thus forums also add to your website traffic.

Also, if you participate in forum discussion and the thread becomes popular your link added in the post gets cached but remember it takes time.

that would be an excellent move, but do you really think the seo spammers will follow your advice?

so what,s your suggestion for them
i think
they should create their own new account and add real information to the subjects that their sig is actually pointing to so the reader could get more info following that sig.
am i right?

While it’s clear from the responses so far, forums are not good for SEO, they might be very valuable for your overall marketing strategy -but then again, we’re talking about SEO here, not many active in that real who actually know anything about marketing. So a brief rundown of that:

  1. identify and describe the target audience of your product/service/website
  2. search for forums/communities where such people communicate relatively frequently
  3. sign up and get real, i.e. post a bunch of valuable, relevant, non-random, non-spammy posts and thus add to the forum itself.
  4. continue to be active in the forum, set aside a couple of minutes each day/week for valuable contributions.

lol… I was once so caught up in buying and selling forum signatures at one time that I neglect about adding value to my site. This is very true and most people just continue to post garbage because of the signature links.

then y you have 32K posts here and what u get out of it by becoming Author of the year and still posting

LOL… Poor DP they get trashed in every forum. Even ones that aren’t as active as they are.:lol:

:wink: I could not agree more. Most people overlook the fact that the main purpose of a forum is for discussions, collaborations and exchange of ideas. Can you get something out of it? Sure, we can always get something out of helping others and spreading some knowledge, but the end result in forum participation goes far beyond a signature drop for SEO purposes.

YIKES… That really stinks. I hope you caught up to the content of your site. And you are right, I have seen way too many “thanks for sharing” or “nice post” or “Great article” posts to last me a lifetime. One thing I dislike is lack of creativity even for spamming purposes.:rofl:

Are you serious? The purpose of this forum is to learn and to bounce ideas off your peers. Rudy has been helping people out with their development issues for years - it has nothing to do with his signature (or with SEO for that matter).

Forum links may not help in optimization. But it may help in conversion if you use it properly. Anyway, at the end of the day, I guess we are looking for more buyers =)

I don,t think so
you are right

at first i do spam forums

but then i learn what is the actual use and meaning of forums.
now i only reply to a thread if it relates to my specialty.
and start one if i don,t find an answer elsewhere on that forum

As LILY8077 said, Forum could best be used for learning. If proper forum is used, it could help you in conversion.

Yes, with various forums you can learn a lot of new things. You need to be active in various forums for that. You can post your signature also. Some forums use do-follow signatures, and some no-follow. And even people who like your post can even click on your links just for the reason to know more.

because they don’t know what they’re doing

then y people pay for posts
using their sig

so what does this have to do with SEO?

…and simply visiting forums just to post your crummy sig links to nothing more than spam :slight_smile:

That’s no longer the case Rob. For a while now, forum sigs have been visible to guests.

In this particular thread that isn’t relevant though. The links are still no-follow.