SEO using forums

Because sig links aren’t worth much. They may even be worthless. But as long as you’re benefiting this forum community with your erudite comments, it doesn’t matter that your own selfish “SEO” goals aren’t achieved, does it?

Hi Marlat,
There are two primary reasons.

1 - Signature links in most forums (including this one) are no-follow (ie no backlink)
2 - The strength of a backlink depends on the PR of the page on which it resides as well as the number of links on that page. Check out the PR of this page… it is negligible. Add to that the consideration of the number of outgoing links on your average forum page and you’ll realise that even if the signature links weren’t no-follow, they are worth next to nothing.

Do a quick search in this forum for more information on this subject - it is one that has been discussed in depth many times before. You’ll also find information in the sticky threads at the top.

No it does not help. On SP forum for example only registered users can see the signature


I send all my competitors to DigitalPoint to learn their SEO :wink:

Why not? I spend a lot of time searching for forums where I can post a hyperlink signature and I would want to explain my boss why we re doing things wrong.
Thank you!

no :slight_smile: