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Forum submission is a valuable means of promoting website for search engines. However it is extremely slow process and hard to earn links through it as forum moderators are generally too sick of permitting link posting and lay a no of restrictions. What are the ways to earn links through forums and at the same time avoiding any ban imposed by the rule? I mean links should seem natural rather than deliberate promotion.

Forums are pretty much the worst place to gain backlinks because of the sheer number of outbound links on each page. Your link is amongst hundreds of other links which dilutes the value, assuming that it isn’t nofollow to begin with.

But the case is same with directory submission, bookmarking, search engine or other submission. They all include many links on the same page. However forum has the advantage of dynamic, unique and dedicated context so far as content is concerned. It can generate significant traffic to the website. I am not bias about forum but its pros and cons should be analyzed neutrally. It has to be kept in mind that social media are gaining momentum over traditional form of submission these days. :slight_smile:

The fundamental problem with this is that you’re attempting to generate your own backlinks - which doesn’t make any sense. The entire point of a backlink is that it’s an independent 3rd party linking to your website, thus endorsing your website. That’s how Google sees it anyway. So if you created your own links to your website then those links should have no credit as an independent 3rd party didn’t link to your website as was intended.

Google has arguably the smartest programmers on the planet. I’m willing to bet that they have a near foolproof way to determine what types of links are worthy of boosting the SERP ranking. That being said, you can spend as much time as you’d like gaining thousands of links from directories and forums but it’s not going to do you much, if any, good. My point is here that you’re not going to fool Google into treating forum links and directory links as something of value.

Take for example Kevin Yank’s guide to database driven websites. That article on SitePoint is hugely popular because it’s an amazing piece of work and other people have found it useful. As they have found it useful they have linked to the SitePoint website. It’s really as simple as that. There’s no amount of forum or directory links that Kevin could have done to get his article ranking where it is today without those independent 3rd party links.

Everyone on this forum (and every other forum out there) that tells you about gaining backlinks through arbitrary directory submissions, social media and forum postings has no idea what they’re talking about. My only disclaimer to this statement is quality directories such as DMOZ and Yahoo.

Yes, search engine optimization is about gaining backlinks. That’s the largest known factor for search engine rankings. Just keep in mind that what Google defines as a true backlink is probably radically different from what most “SEO experts” will explain to you. Unfortunately, this is what gives SEO a bad name.

More specifically with forums, yes they contain unique and dedicated content but the page itself is relatively worthless. If you had a link from the home page for the forum then your link would be worth considerably more.

Keep in mind that none of this has anything to do with human traffic, which is where forum signatures come into play. Specifically on SitePoint, the signatures are not even visible to search engines but readers of this forum follow signature links all the time. This isn’t a form of search engine optimization but it is good marketing for your website.

Find forums that you’d be interested in and actually join the community. I don’t just mean registering. I mean be a valuable member. Offer assistance or tell jokes or whatever it is that you would ordinarily do.

If you just turn up and dump your links in irrelevant places, no one will care who you are, they won’t click, and you will probably be booted out for being a spammer.

I really value all your replies. Which would, you feel, be the better place to get backlinks.

Regarding SitePoint Forums, Google does not take it as a link (now). But Bing takes this as a link.

Mostly you can post links on your Bio, some accepts HTML but some just the url only. I only submit on the top article directories that brings consistent traffic on my sites.

I think forums still stand out as from the rest, it so easy to get a link with just one post


Google employs a lot of clever people, you think they haven’t figued that out and given those links an appropriate weight? Maybe you should think it through a little more.

And let’s not forget that No search engines can see Sitepoint sig links because they don’t appear unless you’re logged in. See your sig links? Search engines can’t… muwahahahahaaaaa

Do forums help in any way to increase traffic and page rank. Many people say they are irrelevant. What about you?

If you build a community that keep coming back to dicuss things, of course that will increase traffic. It might take a lot of work though, and you have to decide what that traffic is worth.

PR depends on links, which depends on how good your content is. If you forum discussions are intteresting enough they might attract links.

a truly good forum can definitely produce viral links as well is consistent internal updates within a domain that contribute to the freshness and PR of the website.

Focus on forums that are relevant to your site and it would do very well

What absolute nonsense! Forums are no good for getting quality links; they may get you some traffic.

Please answer this:
This forum thread is new - it will soon be indexed by Google; it is unlikely to ever get more than a PR of 0. I count about 80 links on the page so far (profile links; PM links; navigation links; etc etc). As more people post, there will be greater than 100 links on this page. Almost all forum threads are the same.

Please explain how a page with a PR of 0 divided by the 100 or so links on the page, passes anymore than a negligible and insignificant amount of link juice to any one of those links … and remember that just because a link shows up in the backlink sample from Google does not mean its actaully passing any link juice.

of course,you could add sig,when you post a topic or reply,your sig would be show,it could be your backlinks,and you know if you join in the related forum and use the keyword be the anchor,it could get your traffic too.

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you can just hire companies to do this and they pretend to be part of communities. It’s cheap and simple.


Forums submissions are really helpful in getting back links, but if you are a genuine member and your posts answers really help the community find the answers then you could definitely make it to any forum, but for the sake of getting popularity… every forum will ban you and most importantly plz do read the Forums Rules. :slight_smile:

If they are a good way of getting backlinks, then could you please answer my comment from above: