Forum Signature Have Any Value? for link building

I am new to SEO, i want to how much helpful for forum signatures for link building, :slight_smile:

This very topic is already being discussed in several threads.

Please try searching before starting a new thread. eg.
How Much Traffic Do Forum Signatures Really Generate? in which you already posted in before starting this one. Tsk, tsk.

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Sorry if anyone had a burning desire to post, but redundant thread closed.

Yes, well … good luck finding a forum that has do-follow links, good PR and isn’t overrun with spam … there aren’t many of them about!

Care to explain how they are actually helpful?

Almost all forum threads never get a Google PR of above 0.
Have you ever counted the outgoing links on a forum thread page? There are the header and foot links; the breadcrumb links; the navigation links; the menu links; the thread links’ the profile links; post links; signature links (assume for a minute that they are do follow); links in posts; etc etc etc — just this thread alone has close to 100 links on it.

So a PR of 0 divided by the 100 or so links on the page = a link jouice for each link of next to nothing, so care to explain how that is actually helpful in SEO?

Forum signatures are pretty much useless in terms of SEO.

The vast majority of (good quality) forums have “nofollow” on all links in visitor comments, so search engines won’t even look at your links.

Any forums that don’t have “nofollow” will quite likely be overrun with spam, or at the very least will have a huge number of outbound links, and so will pass only the tiniest amount of link juice to each one.

Where forum signatures can help is if you find a forum that is related to your site, and you can write a signature that is going to attract real people who are reading the forum to click on it. And your signature is going to have to be seriously good to do that, because most people don’t even look at your signature.

(Except those of us whose role it is to scour these pages looking for people who have “faked” a signature because they haven’t been a member long enough to be allowed a real signature. But we only look at them because we have to)

If the forum is do-follow the links are really helpful or SEO.