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I want to know more about forum. how and forum is essential for SEO? pls help me if any one could .

Simple - a forum is not essential for SEO. :slight_smile: If you’re asking about forum posting, then again, not only is it not “essential”, I doubt if it’s even useful.

Most forums, like this one, mark all outgoing links as “nofollow”, to deter Spammers whose sole purpose in posting is to gain backlinks. Link dropping here will not get you backlinks, but may well get you banned. If you make high quality forum posts, then you may get a small increase in traffic from folk following a signature link, but it will have no effect on search engines. On this forum, you need to be a member for 90 days before you may use a signature.

dear sir, thank for your valuable comment :slight_smile:

In simple words forum is meeting place, where you can have solution of your queries and you can answer to others questions as per your knowledge. By joining your suitable category forum you’ll able to enhance your cognition.

I feel forums are provides quality backlinks and traffic too. I use relevant forums for relevant services and use links of projects in signature which helps to fetch visitors on my website and provides health backlinks, because you can learn more about the relevant services so it provide three benefits for me.

I’ve posted on a large number of forums over the years, and I’ve rarely had more than a few hits a day from my signatures. I’m yet to meet anyone that gets any real (by real, I mean provable) results from forums. I really wouldn’t put any trust in forums as a way of promoting your site.

Don’t get me wrong - I dont post on forums to help me with SEO - and Google know how easy it is the get forum backlinks so they don’t offer as much weight as they used to do - however - links are links, as long as they are authorative websites, not LOW PR websites - they will hold some value if they aren’t done in huge quantities

While true, forums by their nature will have loads of pages, and while the home page of a forum might be viewed as authoritative it doesn’t mean that every one of their thousands of threads are viewed as well.

In my mind, forum links are probably the most pointless of links, and due to the sheer amount of spammers targeting forums it’s unlikely that your links will remain, as moderators/admins will be on high alert to stamp down on anyone pushing their links.

It is not the forums who are beneficial for SEO it is the conversation who is very important as Google’s point of view, Google loves the way we are talking on forums, healthy user friendly debates consists of good content which is very useful for search engines…

Indeed, many forum threads do feature quite high in the SERPs for a particular query. Of course, the only site to benefit is the forum site itself.

I have also experienced this kind of postings for more than a year and like ULTiMATE said it is not worth it at all. It is because Google will only show the thread of the forum site that is related to the search query and not the signature link of your post in the thread. Forum site is like a library to all searchers, learners and experts (because experienced people doesn’t stop to learn)

This is quiet true. You can learn and solve any difficulties through forums, may it be your technical issues or may it be your health issues. People around the world got a common place to share and learn from the same platform. A forum is more like a search engine where you can get answers to your queries.

I’m surprised at how a thread titled “about forum” has gained so many replies. Either way, I think we’ve exhausted the topic, so I’m closing this.