Promotion in Forum Without Signatures

Hi SP members,
I am looking to do forum posting in relevant category. Some of the forums do not have the signature feature. So is there any way to promote my website there? Any help would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

Alex, great minds think alike. If you look around there are plenty of the “spammy” marketers on forums. Usually they do not add 20 posts. It bugs me, particularly because, although I recently started joining forums, I have been IMing for a few years. In fact, I observed silently for a while before I started joining forums just so I could be sure as to what was right, how to do it intelligently and how to benefit (if at all) from forums. Sadly enough there are very FEW like you that reach the thousands of posts and earn a respectable reputation. If I want to be more successful as an Internet Marketer that is what I have to aim for. NOT make a few bucks out of lying to people, dropping links and being done. There is much more to it.:confused:

:rolleyes: OK… I’m done ranting… LOL!

Promotion within Forums! is also considered as powerful resource of doing link building although you can not get any guaranteed results but you can obtain something better in terms of traffic

What nonsense. Forum links are a useless or next to useless way to get backlinks. Did you the memo?

If you thinking that forums without your signature are not useful then I can lol only, first of all forums are not made for promote your websites (ya but you can also do that side by), forums provide us the opportunity to discuss our problems and get resolve with the community of experienced peoples. It’s made for take knowledge freely.

I definitely agree to this post.
Sometimes, long ago, some client wants to post promotional links on forums, as if it really works. And even if you tell them not to they still want to do it next week, that makes you create another account, re-register and get banned.

Website owners should realize this, forums are not created to promote, maybe in the ad section but its more on to help each other.
No one clicks on a signature if it has a bad reputation by the way.

In my opinion, you can post signature link as long as you abide with the moderator’s rules and regulations and you post relevant comments.

Whose site does not provide signature link feature then they takes links within posting if this feature is not providing then you can provide text link to convert traffic form those sites.

i have a better idea…

if your purpose in posting on a forum is to get traffic, ur doing it wrong


If forums wanted you to promote your sites, they would give you a sig.

Hence if they don’t give you a sig, then they don’t want you promoting your sites, so do everyone a favour and don’t post on those forums.

Thanks for the suggestions. BTW posting in forums for promotion is fair if you don’t spam. We don’t need to impose things. :rofl:

Promotion in forums where promotion is not allowed IS spam.

Even most forums where signatures are allowed restrict any promotion to your signature and then impose limits on what they allow there.

The exception would be forums where the purpose of the forum is promotion.

As far as for the SitePoint forums, please read the FAQ

When you post, don’t promote a site or a product and don’t link to your site unless the resource genuinely adds value to the discussion. If a moderator thinks that your link does not add value, it will be treated as self-promotion and deleted. Self promotion may earn you a warning or infraction.

With that sort of attitude you will be banned very quickly from any of my forums.

If you want to stay as a member, you have to demonstrate that you are there to contribute to the good community and NOT with the attitude of what you can get from the community.

Forums are communities , where people want to impart knowledge, to help members , and also to learn from experienced members within a particular field.

Even if a forum doesn’t have a signature, most if not all AFAIK have a link to the “member’s homepage” in their profile.

I personally have followed those links when the member has made a meaningful helpful reply and I’ve been interested in getting to know more.

The key is to not simply look for an easy way to link drop, but to become an asset to the forum. Those interested will find their way to you.


One of the most incredible forums I am a member of is a closed forum. Google can’t access it, layman’s can’t access it & spammers can’t access it. To even post a message in the welcome thread you have to actually know one of the people who post there. Then the community decides to include you.

The reason? No promotion of own stuff, but some of the most useful webmaster tips I’ve ever read - everybody helps each other, it’s a great community.

And before you ask - “Actually know” does imply you’ve met them in person & they formally invite you.

What I’m trying to say is that if you link drop in forums, you won’t get SEO benefit, you’ll annoy people, and generally be going backwards.

HUH? I do not understand your post…:confused:

I agree. I think that the majority of people who simply use forums for traffic or to build links are going about this business the wrong way and will NOT last long:nono:! Forums are for commenting, collaborating, participating, building contacts (networking) and providing useful information. It makes you look like an expert and that goes much farther than link dropping. :smiley:

You said it like it is. I think if you want to be taken seriously you should just avoid link dropping. Participate a little and you’ll see how much more effective it is.

Well said Jenny, I agree entirely. I think these days people often get so caught up in the promotional aspect of marketing that they forget that networking and contributing to something can bring you a far greater long term reward than link dropping. Unfortunately there’s still a lot of people who think they can get popular quickly with little effort attached. While recognition is a good thing, signatures really are not the reason to join any community, it’s the opposite. :slight_smile:

If its a busy forum related to your niche then being genuinely helpful and giving people good solutions will get you to make some friends who in turn would be willing to promote your site.