Ranking a .me.uk


Will a .me.uk only rank in the UK?

And will it be harder to rank than a .co.uk?


Haven’t you asked the same question (with different TLDs) many, many times before?

I don’t know if I’d say “many, many times” but I would say “several times over a relatively long period of time”

Sept 2015

Feb 2016

@MatthewBOnline just what is it you are having trouble understanding?

Perhaps a review of these videos is in order



It makes no difference whatsoever. This comes from personal experience. I used to use only .com .net and .org extensions back in the day as I thought that these would be the easiest to rank for. As it happens, they’re the most expensive to rent and makes no difference to it’s ranking factor.

Nowadays I go for the cheapest, be it .xyz .guru etc etc.

With your example it won’t be any harder to rank in the UK or any other country, it depends on what your preferences are in GWM.


More than domain TLD , I will say its important to look at SEO optimization of site and how you built engaging contain that will give you true traffic.

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