Ranking a .me.uk


Does anyone have experience with ranking .me.uk domain names?

I have two .me.uk domain names and I am considering ranking them with websites. I rarely see .me.uk websites so will it rank and get hits?




Hi MatthewBOnline

You seem to have been stuck on this for at least several months.

And you have asked about it several times.

Perhaps the problem is that you are not asking the question in a way to get to get the information you are wanting?
That is, exactly what do you want to know and in what context?

Nothing personal, but I have the impression you are focusing way more than you should be on what effect a TLD has in getting a site to show in the SERPs.

This concern has been answered several times.

So either
That isn’t what you really want to know about.
You haven’t heard the answer you want to hear so you keep asking in hopes that you eventually will.
You already have the domains and are wondering why they aren’t getting good SERP positions based on their TLDs alone.
Something else?


Probably spending so much time on that so none of the things that really matter when it comes to SERPs are getting done leading to a very poor result.


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