Domains that are the same (before the dot)

How does Google handle domain names that are the same. For example:

If all these domains had websites at them, would Google rank them all AND if they were all good similar-topic content and SEO was done well would they all appear on page 1 of a google search together?


You do seem to keep asking this question in different forms…

Google regards all generic domain extensions as equal. It will assume country-specific domains target their related country, but beyond that, it ranks pages on the value of their content, not the domain extension.

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If Google thought they were the best sites for what the user was looking for, sure, why not?

You might find these two videos from Matt Cutts informative:

My experience with Google has always been that it depends on which Google you start your search with. So for example, I primarily use their site, from which the result appear biased toward UK related result. For their .com site, I’ll get more US. I don’t tend to use their other sites, but can’t see why they would be any different for their associated country. That said, I’ve no real feel for how Google chooses to do that. It could be based on the users’ source IP, it might be the TLD of the site that ends up in the results, I’m really not sure.

The domains you have listed seem to be targeting a country,an organization, etc. Google will handle them accordingly. And to appear on page 1 there are several other factors responsible too instead of only good content and SEO. The design and user-friendly nature of a website also matters a lot.

Can you explain what you mean by that, as I’d not think Google is in any way assessing those - they are so subjective as to be virtually un-measureable.

OK - thanks for the help.

Obviously the other reason to buy domains with other extensions is to stop competitors using them.

Only one is targetting a country. The 3+ character top level domain names have no restrictions on their use and are all considered to be equal.

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