Ranking increase from international coverage

I have read about multilingual websites and have chosen to use subdomains.

Obviously I would expect to attract more visitors from other countries to the new subdomain websites.

However, could I get a ranking boost for all domains in the multilingual websites because I am offering various languages?

In other words, will there be a ranking boost due to having international websites?

When you say “a ranking boost”, are you talking about where your site appears in SERPs? If so, then I think you have misunderstood the way earch works. Google does not “rank” sites; it attempts to discover the page (not site) which best fits a particular search query.

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I guess what I am actually trying to establish is:

if I use subdomains will the main site get a ranking boost?
For example:

site.com gets a ranking boost?

Or, should I use country level domains?

I would suspect that having all sites on a subdomain makes the main site more relevant in search results (because all sites are on the same domain)?

^ This.



The French pages will be relevant to a search for a French term; the German pages will be relevant to a search for a German term; the Spanish pages will be relevant to a search for a Spanish term - but none of them will be relevant to a search for an English term.


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