Location of website files/host, does it matter?

If a website resides on a UK host (but the company serves customers worldwide) is there going to be a difference with rankings between Google .co.uk and .com?

If so, why? And how do you improve rankings on .com?

Google tries to serve the best results it can, taking all factors into account. If the company is genuinely worldwide, is linked to from relevant sites all over the world and has features that reference a global business, Google is likely to pick up the international side of it (although bear in mind that the US market is often bigger and therefore more competitive than the UK market, so you wouldn’t necessarily expect equal rankings). But if everything on your site shouts “UK” then they are less likely to give you a good ranking on the US/international site.

Although many people make it a big deal I personally dont think there is any significant effect of it.

Rather Stevie D, i shall say right on it.

.com .co.uk .info .biz .org .net are given equal weightage as generic TLD. But as Stevie said if your website speaks only about uk, you’ll miss out on the international mileage.

Well the website only has a .com domain.

The only thing that speaks UK is that we have an office here where we list an address, but we also have an office in US.

However ranking seems to be quite a bit lower on Google.com as opposed to Google.co.uk

That could be as simple as the fact that the USA has about 5 times as many people living there as the UK, so you’re competing with a lot more websites, which will always make it harder to get to the top, even if you’re doing everything right.

I suggest keep working on your site because competition at local level is always easy than global one. But it is not impossible. Need to do some work for it.