No Godaddy!

Do NOT use GO DADDY!! I have a couple of websites and they keep on crashing. I call them up and they take forever to fix. It has many problems. It is easy to use their interface and they update themselves, but still, they are a pain in the butt.

their site {snip}! and I do not like the domain name :slight_smile:

I’ve been using Godaddy for 2 years and I have no problems with any of my websites, what I like the most is their customer service, they have a world class customer service.

you are right, I really thing hostgator is better

Ok, am not a fan of GoDaddy at all, yes my two domains and come from them but as hosting and service usually… I mean, they are not for me.

But stop saying GODADDY IS NOT GOOD, most of the problems on GoDaddy are mainly based on what you host on it!!!

Do you want Joomla and Wordpress?? Do you think it’s tiring to update them regularly?? Did you know that the author of this thread have a website terribly buggy and that I was able to find at least 20 XSS?? If an hacker want to enter an account, in a server, can do it easily not because GoDaddy or HostGator, or YoGem, or Burst, or Whatever dont know how to secure servers, but it’s most of the time for all the script that the final user install. :nono:

I like Joomla as well I love Wordpress, great piece of software, then we forget we have it installed, we forget to update it, we forget that we are using a buggy component/plugins… or in this case CMS… and guess what!!! XSS Injection, SHELL and so on…

For the moment I stop :x

At this point I’m beyond fed up with Godaddy’s shared hosting for my wordpress site. I have done everything to optimize, and loading pages still takes longer than the well-laid plans of the Universe. Was looking at A Small Orange ( – anyone have any experience with them?

GoDaddy is a great registrar, but a horrible host. Some companies just need to stay with their core business.

GoDaddy is a domain registrar that does web hosting as a side business. As such 99% of their effort is spent on making sure that their registrar business is performing properly. Anything they get from their hosting upsell is a bonus.

When getting a domain and hosting you are always best off to get the domain from a domain registrar and the hosting from a hosting provider. If you absolutely must get them both from the same place then you are better off to get them from a hosting provider who does domain registration as a side business. At least then you get all the proper hosting tools and hosting support.


Sorry to hear about this! I want to get to the bottom of this just as much as you do. Please PM me with the domain name so I can take a look.

I’ve heard lots of bad things about GoDaddy… The only good thing is their domain registration and even then I’ve found domain names way cheaper than what GoDaddy provides.

and I always thought Godaday is the best in the business. I was planning to shift my website on godaday as thier domain registeration is working fine for a long time. Thanks for sharing I will re-consider my decision again thanks

There is just something wrong here, the sites keep on taking forever to load and switch on and off. I have had to reset the server 7 times in one day. I assumed it was GoDaddy, but I apologize if it hurt the reputation of godaddy. I think i was just frustrated.

It might be that one of the scripts was wacked or someone hacked one of the blogs of our other websites. (it was made in india)

It is working now, but it still switches on and off every day or so. I have a couple of engineers looking it up now.

please click and tell me if it loads fast or not?

I use GoDaddy as my domain registrar, but IMO they are not focused enough for me to entrust my hosting to them. I use Hostgator.

GoDaddy’s hosting is good for big websites.

When I started with them, I had allot of problems.

But, when I my website became heavy in files (over 2 GB), everything became great.

You see, GD promises allot of disk space, but they are actually not allocating you the space in advance, and when your website gets heavy, they allocate your website in a better server with less users on it.

That’s why the small websites suffer from downtime and slow response.

My suggestion to you guys is to upload about 1 GB of files, just for GD to give you a better place in the servers farm.

I have used GoDaddy’s hosting for more than 2 years and I’ve never had any problem… a matter of luck perhaps?

I agree what felgall said, people should realize the importance of pro-active service while looking for a hosting company.

I would also add that GoDaddy’s windows hosting is full of messup. Some DLLs and components are not available or having security policy problems.

I want to buy hosting in GoDaddy but I dont buy it. I bought in bluehost and Im happy for it. I don’t have never problem with bluehost. Recommends to all.

There is a reason why godaddy is very prosperous,if they have sites crashing constantly then there business would not grow,and godaddy is a very big company.

There is a reason why godaddy is very prosperous,if they have sites crashing constantly then there business would not grow,and godaddy is a very big company.
If only it would work that way. many customers will think that X company is top of line (effective marketing at work). The customer thinks: " Even if their service is bad (which it may be), surely the competition’s must be way worse."