Web hosting questions

I have created a website on a freebie website. Site is easy to use, offers tools etc, etc.

However, because it’s a freebie the domain name is quite large and is not readily search able just by typing the company name in any browser.

I am considering purchasing a domain name and just having the freebie site re-directed on that.

It has been suggested to me to go with go daddy for this as their transfer fees are around $10 a year.

What do you all recommend? Is go daddy a good site to go with? Will purchasing a dot com bring more traffic to my site?

I am really new to all this so any and all information the rest of you can provide will be very much appreciated.

By purchasing a dot com on go daddy but keeping the freebie site as the actual host a good way to go?

I’m looking to do this as inexpensively as possible and have my site search able in all search engines if possible.

GoDaddy is a good registrar, and having your own .com will make it easier for both potential and returning visitors to remember your site’s name. Consider going with a paid hosting service, there are several available that are inexpensive and include tech support and a network uptime guarantee (unlike many free hosts).

Thank you for your response pingpipe.

I somehow managed to get a good freebie site to have my site on. I just checked and they seem to have a support network in place.

If I keep the freebie site as the actual host and just purchase the domain name with go daddy for $10 a year do you think this will be my only cost?

I’m thinking this is too simple and there has to be something more involved that I’m missing.

Anyone who decides to chime in, please treat me as a newbie and explain everything the best you can since this is the first time I’ve ever considered making a company website and purchasing a dot com to go with it.

I’m thinking this is too simple and there has to be something more involved that I’m missing.

Perhaps there is. When you buy a domain name, you point it to the server where the website is hosted. You do this by changing the domain’s nameservers. But, in order to do this, your free host would have to support domain hosting (many free hosts don’t, and they just provide you with a subdomain of their main domain, or with a folder under some domain).

The good side is that Godaddy actually gives you a free hosting account (ad supported) with your domain name, so you could just move the site (files and all) there. That is, assuming that at the current free host you didn’t use some website builder that makes it hard or impossible to move the site over while retaining all its capabilities. Worst case scenario, you will have to rebuild your site.

I purchased my domain name today with godaddy . The freebie website i use supports godaddy.

Here is what my website host says: You can completely redirect your GoDaddy domain name to your Microsoft Office Live Small Business account. This is known as complete redirection. Alternatively, you can leave your e-mail accounts in their current location with GoDaddy and redirect just the Web site to your account with Office Live Small Business. This is known as partial redirection.

Now, when I purchased the domain with godaddy they took down the information on my website and when I look in my account details on godaddy it says my domain name has been forwarded with masking to my free site.

Does this mean everything is in order or I still need to go into microsoft office and do something else with them personally?


I think all what you need is finding the cheapest domain name registrar is possible. I’m sure the main thing in the domain name is price and a lot of people pay more attention to the price.

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We purchased qwhosting dot com from this registrar and they took 9 months to allow us to transfer this domain to another registrar and creaated hell of the problems - poor support system. Now decision will be yours.

Good luck.

You are correct. people are considering the low price; but they forgot other issues like problems at the time of transfer, problems in changing the DNS, actual ownership, higher fee on renewals and so on.


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