Do not use

godaddy are rubbish.

Use almost anybody else please.

The service is crap and the try to on-sell you stuff at any opportunity.


Rather inflamatory! Would you please explain your opinions?



I bought a domain name a while back and as it was with godaddy I thought I would give it a go…

  1. It’s over complicated.
  2. You can’t buy a product with out wading though pages of on-sell products - ugrade this, review this, arrggg! Then they try to slip an extra year on your plans, and hope you didn’t notice. Hang on - this is supposed to cost 12.50, bot 25!
  3. They don’t support Dreamweaver. If I am wrong please correct me.
  4. They send you ‘special offer’ email every other day.

Moved to hostgator - perfect.

I’m so used to using godaddy now that I don’t even notice all the sales stuff. I just click next, next, next. :slight_smile:


IMHO, no such thing. Dreamweaver uses FTP to upload files to the site - nothing difficult about that (i.e., “Compatible with Dreamweaver” is marketing BS).



(i.e., “Compatible with Dreamweaver” is marketing BS).
For a techie, it certainly is marketing BS. For the average web hosting customer, it’s something they can actually understand. The two worlds don’t mix all that well sometimes.

If a host advertising FTP access gets numerous pre-sales questions asking about “Dreamweaver compatibility”, it will become a listed feature.

I am with godady with long time now i had not face and problem… Can you explain a bit more…

GoDaddy’s a very large company, and their primary business is domains. That means hosting is an afterthought to them, and not something they dedicate a lot of employees to. Like their domain business, it’s built to be mostly autonomous, as just another service you can add to the cart while buying a domain, that gets automatically set up after you pay. They’re just never going to have the same level of support and service as you’ll get from a company that only does hosting… at the same time, they probably keep a better eye on the state of their servers and network, and you don’t have to worry about them going out of business suddenly.

i hate godaddy.

They are good for domains but hosting its too tacky.

Godaddy has repointed all my domains back to them. I had four domains hosted by Hostgator, all have had the DNS pointed back to Godaddy, with-out warning, without email. I was curious as to why I was getting no hits, so I typed in the URL. Bang - straight to a ‘This page is parked free, thanks to godaddy’ - yeah thanks a lot.

Godaddy sux big time

Perhaps you accidentally changed a setting in your domain manager? I’ve had over 40 domains with GoDaddy since 1999 and have never had a setting change itself except the “lock” status (for our protection) after transfer rules were changed by ICANN.

I havn’t touch my domain manager for about 2 weeks but I accept that I could have done something… the whole thing is very frustrating!

I know many people who have web site at godaddy and they are satisfied with it.

I had a client who researched a domain with godaddy, but did not purchase the domain. When they went to purchase it, godaddy had already bought it and wanted to charge the client $1,200 US for it.

I eventually got them down to $150, but it was much more cost and hassle to get the domain had it been left alone.

I have read several places that godaddy and others will register researched domains if not purchased on the spot.


They may stop such contemptible behavior if they register hundreds or thousands if the “xyz” type domains - especially the higher cost foreign ones! :lol: How are you at creating a list like that for a bulk “research?”



I have some of my domains there but that is it… hosting no thanks.

i won’t go with a host that doesn’t support cpanel which godaddy doesn’t have. i know they use their own thang but i prefer cpanel.

I have seen a lot of bad press for Go Daddy, but have never had any problems with thir domain service (except pages of upgrades when purchasing and changing purchase for 3 years not 1)…

I’ve never used goDaddy before but will never use them. I’ve aherd many bad reviews and it doesn’t support cPanel

Yes, I only use cpanel now, so that is the primary reason I won’t use godaddy for hosting.