Does Godaddy provide good hosting support

I am looking for a good hosting account for my new site. I have good opinion on yahoo but this time i am thinking of purchasing Go daddy hosting account. In there site they are offering all support and security certificates. So i would like to know some good or bad experiences of webmasters with Go daddy.

I get live support for their hosting service and found their support to be good overall. However, I’ve noticed slow downloads of reasonably small images and their user interface is quite a labyrinth. I’ll be looking for another host when my contract is up.

Several people here mentioned Hostgator so I called them but they only have Windws hosting on dedicated servers, not on shared.

Who’s good for Windows if you want:

  • Live 24/7 support
  • Knowledgable, friendly staff.
  • Current .Net, IIS, and ASP.Net versions
  • MS SQL
  • Wordpress blog
  • Own their own servers (not a reseller or camping out in someone else’s server farm)
  • Been around for years and profitable in today’s economy - I don’t want a fly-by-night company.

Thanks in advance!

Everything I’ve heard over my short time is that godaddy is not a good choice. I have Hostgator as well as many others and have no complaints.


In my opinion Godaddy is a very bad choice for hosting. There are many horror stories online about them from bad support to extremely slow servers. I have a few domain names with them and can tell you from experience that it usually takes over 6 hours to get a response from their support and it’s usually bad.

You will be able to find much better hosts by looking on forums such as this one.


I prefer Hostgator as my hosting solution
regarding the godaddy they are still in progress in hosting

I don’t like godday hosting,if your prefer cheap hosting, try bluehost and justhost, with the coupon, you can have 50% discount. But no backup and support is very slow.
If you want to 24 hour onlive support, must pay higher.

As others have said, the golden rule of domains and hosting is to pick a business that specialises in that particular element alone. If you want to register a domain, get it from a registrar (not a hosting provider), if you want hosting, get it from a hosting provider (not a registrar). Whenever a business offers both of those services, they always place more of their attention, cash and infrastructure (and support) into the one they have more knowledge of (or make more money from). In GoDaddy’s case, they are a registrar who offers web hosting, not a hosting provider who offers domains… so use them if you want for domains but don’t use them as a host. :slight_smile:

I would advise against justhost since there are a LOT of bad reviews about them.

From what I have heard, and I can not directly verify it myself but the general consensus among other hosts is that GoDaddy is over filling it’s servers…thousands of accounts per server and exceeding the 50% load ratio that is usually the undesired max by most hosts…most hosts that offer good service don’t allow their servers to even get close to 50% load.

Godaddy does not feature live support for hosting services, can you imagine that? Better stick to other reliable hosting services mate, there are plenty online.

HostGator is ever best its a best hosting company site i never had any problem with it.Millions of user shift its hosting Hostgator.
Try it its the best and better then Go daddy.

I agree with all the previous comments. GoDaddy hosting in my experience is very slow. But, the worst part of GoDaddy is their customer service. They hire college students who know squat about domains and hosting and will just continue to read you canned scripts. You are better off looking elsewhere.

/2 Cents

I can confirm what Axigy said. Godaddy’s hosting in my experience is slow. Stable (99.94% uptime last I looked), but slow, 2-4 times slower than comparably priced hosts.

Godaddy is every slow

Whatever you read about them whatever every one tells you is nothing and will never help you.
I believe you need to try their services first to decide if they are the ones you can trust or not.

|GoDaddy is primarily a domain registrar. Hosting is a side businness to them.

You are always better off selecting web hosting with a company where its main business is hosting.