How to use Social Networking sites for site Promotion

I am new in this line can anyone tell me how to use Social Networking sites like facebook twitter for seo.
Hope to hear from u all soon.
Thanks in advance and plz give me social networking sites lists also.
Regards,Anup Kanwar.

The best way is to conquer the website by having fanpages, communities, groups, multiple accounts. Then joining relevant communities or groups would helps.

Well you can bring more traffic to your site as social bookmarking has millions of users.
Thats the way we use it!

Well, social networking sites are not as effective as people think with regards to SEO. HOWEVER, they DO bring you a lot of traffic if you use them the right way. Keep in mind that the great majority of the people using these sites are doing so for socializing, therefore you have to approach the situation in a focused way. If you are going to use them for business, ONLY accept followers and friends that are in your niche or target audience. People who are willing to see what you have to offer. Create groups of people with similar interests. If you stay focused and keep your main GOAL and OBJECTIVE in mind, you will see an influx of traffic to your site.

While I agree with Jenny Pitts, I’d like to bring up the idea that maybe social networking sites should NOT be used for promotion. Not a novel idea, I know, but remember what the whole point of social networking is.

Now Twitter, that’s something that I don’t think can be hurt all the much by spam as it’s really a different model than something like Facebook, which was expressly created to bring students together via internet. Tweeting about your business’ developments or your new products or whatever is actually nice. SitePoint does it, as do many large businesses, and it seems to work.

The mutliple accounts thing sounds shady, but fanpages and groups that deal specifically with your ideas/products/solutions/demographic, sure. It’s not spam if you offer information that is useful and of interest to the group you’re presenting to.

However, many of the other communities commonly mentioned, really, were made for humans to meet and keep in touch with other humans, not to be bombarded with Get Rich Quick links. If enough “backlinks to social netoworks for PR” stuff keeps happening, what happens in the end is the community dies, which is both sad and kinda gross. Like watching a fungus slowly kill a forest of lovely trees.

I agree with the most of the above thoughts. But in order to gain attention easily you need to offer something free, that can be even a valuable suggestion to some niche! By doing see you will first get focus and when you keep consistency in providing useful info/products you will gain Credibility!!

Make lot of friends on twitter, facebook and this type of social networking or information networking sites there are you can submit your link with your title but twitter give only 140 words for post so sometime you need to create short URL of your site link.

There are many sites available on internet which give URL shorten service like bit ly, tr im, ow ly, is gd you can try any of this for create short url of your site

then post your short url as your twitter status and facebook status.

@ Rajeshtelar, please explain this short URL thing a bit more. It seems to be jsut the solution ive been looking for.

For Facebook, you can create a Fan Page. Try to invite followers and engage with your readers and drive traffic to your site.

To get the benefit from the social networking sites, first after making an account there, you have to make a grand social community over your account.

Means more and more fans or followers, then more and more exposure to your website. There are various high pr do-follow social bookmarking sites, from where you can take benefit and make your website a brand awareness.


You can easily drive traffic to your site by using social networking sites. Participating in this sites and utilizing it well would be a great help in boosting your site’s page rank.

if you use them the right way, How?

Its true that Social networking site drive some traffic to your site. But you have to maintain & update the social networking site daily. I have notice that when you stop the updating your profile the visitor graph falls down

First things first. Make your profile the best!!

Join different groups that you think will promote your services.

You can Twitt your all posts in twitter. Create your groups in social networking sites post some links and send PM’s to other users.

I believe that when marketing on social networking sites its important to use your own name. When I say own name, I mean that your name is your brand. When people gat to know you then you can market your products or service. I have found that google likes this, and then puts all sites, posts, articles high on its search engines


Social networking sites are a great way to promote your sites as you can post your links there and share it to the world. Just register in Twitter and facebook like sites and add as many friends or followers as you can post your messages with links.

A list of Social Networking sites:



Yea social sites are great for traffic. but there are so many social sites out there. if you are short on time, i’d stick to just Facebook and tweeter, depending on what your site is about. Just try to get a lot of fans and followers. and soon enough you’l have a large audience who you can contact immediately. good luck

On facebook- create business page, join related groups and pages. increas fans on your page, interact with people etc…

When we are looking forward to improve the traffic from social network, we need to properly interact with people, participate in groups and share informative topics that can benefit on long term basis. I have also tried linkedin and it is giving me a good boost in traffic.