Which is the social networking site for business promotion?

which is the best social networking site for business promotion ?

You can use Face book and Twitter for your business promotions. Always try to post some interesting things. Manually invite others to your account this will help to increase your business promotion.

Setup a Google+ Page, Facebook Page and Company Profile on Linkedin and keep your visitors updated with New Invention, Special Offers and Opening.

you can use any website like Facebook, twitter, Digg, stumbleupon, linkedin etccc websites but important thing is how you manage your content over there and how you target audience.

I’m using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and it’s turning really well for me :slight_smile:

Social Networking online community sites are good avenues to promote your business. Speaking of this kind of sites, who can forget MySpace and Facebook, which are the most popular social networking websites nowadays. There are also sites that target a specific audience.

currently Facebook is the best social networking site for doing business promotions with large number of users.Apart from this Twitter is also good.In fact one of the article I came across recently mentioned that Twitter has more potential to generate sales. But I would suggest you to use some useful tools while doing twitter promotion inorder to handle things automatically rather than spending hours doing manual tweeting.Thanks

Thank you for your suggestions:)

There are many Social media sites which one can use to promote their business like Facebook business page, Google Plus, Twitter. I would recommend you Facebook as this site has more than 800 million user. You can also customize your page according to your need using FBML. But the main thing is interaction with your visitors. Always keep updated your visitors with some new stuff.

Make Networks cycles, like attach your linkdin account with twitter and Facebook then Digg account with twitter and Facebook like this make a big cycle attach each networking site with the Facebook and twitter then get a lot of visitors.

when it comes to business promotion,i think twitter stands apart.I am saying this from my own experience

facebook, twitter and linkedin are good but make sure u give better information in so u get better visitors:cool::cool:

I have:

Set up a facebook page
Set up a twitter account
Created a Youtube Channel
and added url to stumbleupon

I have added a share/follow scroller and included logos for all…

Of all I would say Facebook is probably the best for promoting your business/website… Add custom static pages and exclusive content to make a mini version of your website. This will attract more users and keep them on the page for longer, make sure you link back to the website a lot!!

Facebook, twitter and linkedin.

I think this thread has run the gamut or at least has enough suggestions to give the OP an good idea. Thread closed.