How social networking sites help me for SEO(traffic and ranking)

Hi Friends,

I am very new to SEO, I would like to know how Social Networking sites help me for doing SEO and how do I get traffic and ranking from them.


Some say social networking will help a websites SEO, others not.

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  • Social networking sites giving you an opportunity to market your website and products.
  • You’re getting an opportunity to bookmark your site and share the update of your site which may drive a huge traffic for your site.
  • Improving your brand identity which will further helps in purchasing

As for traffic, Twitter helps you find customers real-time via their search page.

For Facebook, you can create a fan page. If people likes your site, they will like your page. You can utilize that fan page by posting articles and other engagement with your fans/readers.

Social bookmarking sites can help your site in different ways with regard to search engine optimization. You can acquire high-quality back-links from those sites and those sites tend to get crawled in a regular basis. Most of those sites tend to be no-follow which means that those links won’t have as much impact on your ranking as compared to do-follow links. But all link is link and it’s recommended that you have a combination of do-follow and no-follow links just to keep your link building process look more natural.

If your site theme is based upon topics that do well on those sites if your post end up making it to the top you can receive lots of traffic to your site.

Social Networking is a proven method to drive traffic for your sites. But it takes some time to establish your social presence. The important thing in social networking is to establish relationship with group of like minded followers and to create trust on you so that you can make them to share/visit your website.
Along with several other factors social signal is one of the important factor in search engine ranking.

Social sites nowadays are used in order to promote products and mainly to share information with others. Social networking is of great help while you post your site or products on them. Friends click on it or share it which in turn generates social reputation, traffic and backlinks.