How to use Social Networking sites for site Promotion

Social networking is big resource of traffic, a large number of traffic may divert from social networking site. There are few social networking sites like facebook, twitter, myspace etc.

You have to remember that the VAST majority of the people using social networks do so for entertainment purposes. Therefore, accepting EVERYONE as a friend or follower will only be a waste of time. Rather, I suggest that you make it a VIP kind of thing. Only accept those who are TRULY interested in what you have to offer, people who have similar interests and only those who are there to network and do business. Otherwise, you will not only be wasting your time but you may get caught up in the socialization frenzy and not get much accomplished when you are there. Set a limit of use, remember that, although it is important to have that person to person contact when doing business, you also have to set limits, otherwise many other things will be left undone. Build a strategy or plan of attack and stick to it.

just create an account of your project and increase the rate of followers and then you can put your project into that and put some blogs or articles into it to like it

Social networking is the best way around to build a brand online. What you all need to do is connect with others, do them a favor or two over social networks and share your information with them. They would also reciprocate for your favor.

You can also advertise in facebook to increase your followers. Facebook is a huge thing to cater or advertise your new products online.

Social networking sites can increase your backlinks for the improved search engines visibility for the seo purpose…In social media sites you can put links in profile and thus reputed social network backlinks can definitely rank web sites in the search engines as well it also partially contributes in your site promotion issues.

OK, this discussion is starting to circle around with no added benefits.