Can i use social media to SEO a Site?

I am new to Social Media Marketing. Now i am thinking if it is possible to use this market as a seo weapon. i have read a lot of posts about saying of the possibility to use Social Media as i want but none are clear to me. can anyone share some clear information about social media and its whole business?

Yes it is possible and i heard that it is a really a powerful tools if it is happen.

social media really a good way to make your websites and business popular in online market. if you know well about social media you should really do, it will only help to your website to get huge traffic and business. me too want to do but i do not have knowledge and i m looking for some tutorial so i can read and start too.

No doubt, You can use social media to SEO a site. It play important role in SEO. Facebook and Twitter are most popular social network. Using them, you can get real visitor for your site.

Social media covers two primary areas (although there are a number more) including Social Bookmarking (Digg, Reddit etc…) and Social Networking (Facebook and Twitter) However it is VERY important that you don’t spam these sites as they will ban your account. Try by creating a facebook and twitter account for your business. Then create a facebook page for your product, website or blog. Then link your twitter account to your facebook account. Then post short sales info on your facebook account and this will automatically post to twitter, meaning that you get double the impact for only half the time. For me I post short 100 character money saving tips, every loves money saving ideas! Use sites like digg to promote both your website/product and blog but also your facebook and twitter entries and once again you maximise your exposure. Then use press release sites to talk about your website and post the occasion article on sites like and All the best with your social media efforts!

Social Media and SEO are two different verticals. Both are very important for your website. They both have to go hand in hand as it will help your site improve your rank and increase your social media presence.


Social media is part of SEO, after link building, content adding, you need to increase visibility of your site, so you use social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. on that site share your site link, news, press-release. so use social media effectively for increasing visits of site.

Actually, Social Media does help SEO. If you check out top backlinks of a website, it would have some social media websites in it. Start with Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin and then start working on social bookmarking websites, such as Reddit, Pinterest, Digg, etc.

You should then probably do Social Media Optimization (SMO) instead of SEO. For instance, you need to create a facebook page and add its buttons to your site so that there is a connection between the likes on the site and the facebook page. You can actually keep a track of number of visitors to your site based on facebook’s analytics.

All social-networking sites like facebook, twitter and linkedin are a good source to promote any business, The reason why these sites are a good source because they are most visited websites on Internet.

SEO is based on relevance and authority. You can build relevance and authority by creating and sharing original content and building communities on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or linkeddin.

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Facebook is a part of Social Media and it is useful in SEO, because when you want to increase visibility of your website then its beneficial for web marketing. because you found lots of visitors in short time. and those are useful.


How to utilize social Networking sites, like Twitter, Facebook etc. for SEO?

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Yes, in fact, some SEOs used social media as a means of promoting a site that they optimize. But don’t relay too much on social media. It is just one way on endorsing a certain site to the public.

Social Media and SEO are two different methods of promoting your website. Social Media refers to obtaining visitors from social media network (such as twitter, facebook etc), while SEO deals with gaining visibility directly through search engines. Nevertheless, in the past years the two processes became more and more bound together. The latest Google algorithm updates show clearly that the presence of a site on social media networks (especially Google+ and Facebook) can affect your ranking in search engine.

The best way of starting to understand Social Media is to open a facebook page for the website you are trying to promote, share it with your friends and then attract more and more visitors and fans, by sharing viral content.

Well social media is for just increasing the popularity of your business or site it has no relation with SEO though it is the most powerful weapon for SEO nowadays. But as per your question you just only get the traffic to your site but not getting any backlinks to your site if you are consider your business through SEO otherwise there is no problem to do Social media with SEO.

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