How to use Social Networks

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 I want to know that how to use social networking sites (twitter and facebook) for promotion purpose?

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In twitter you can follow as many people as you like and hope that they will follow you too. You can post links as your daily status. This is a simple yet effective promotion technique

In my opinion, you must first try to understand different social media platforms & then get started with devising strategies for marketing of your products & services online. I’d advise you to go through this useful blog on this topic…

well for promotion purposes it is very useful indeed some people use facebook and twitter to promote their site and it gave them good results because of huge traffic they can get.

Hi Claudia, the blog is very informative and useful, Thanks a lot for such a great help. Hope I will be successful to use social media and people will retweet my tweets.

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It’s extremely important to also remember that with social network marketing - you need to be social. Let’s take the following example:

Person One is standing in an elevator with the same person he’s there with every day. They start up a chat about blue widgets and it turns out that the other person happens to be looking for some. After a while of chatting advice is asked for or a natural place appears for Person One to give their opinion and they take the opportunity.

And now let’s imagine another situation:

A man is walking down the street and Person One is standing on a soap box shouting frantically into the air how great blue widgets are and how everybody should buy his.

Who’s advice will you take (whose link would you click)?

For facebook, you will probably want to create a fan page, but look around at other fan pages first and see how they’re used. As people are saying in another thread, not all products or services are conducive to being promoted by a facebook fan page. Take a look at how it works and see if a fan page will be of any benefit to you.

In my experience and in talking to others, facebook fan pages don’t get tons of hits or discussion on them, but there are a few successful examples. I’ve mainly seen this with restaurants or specialty shops.

make friends with related people. dont spam. be active.

The best usage of Twitter for any business is to interact with your customers in a informal way, answer their questions, solve their problems and build a relationship with them.

However you don’t have to stop there. You can always find new customers by posting useful information on your Twitter that can be retweeted by your existing followers, which is like spreading the word for you for free. You can also follow more people that you think might be interested in your product.

Rinse and repeat, and you’ll build a bigger and better business. :slight_smile:

For twitter, you simply gather followers and send tweets with ur URL but dont spam.
Gradually build a list of targetted followers and send tweets.
If used effectively, it is bound to attract some traffice

You have to add more friends or you can follow people because that is the key for a successful social marketing campaign.

I know about twitter, how we promote website on that platform but facebook ??? tedious task can give more detail

The important thing to remember with Twitter or FB (or a blog or email newsletter etc…) is that you need to be “follow worthy”. You need to provide some value to the people you want to be interested in you…because with one click they can take away the permission they’ve given you to contact them.

Following people on Twitter just in hopes they’ll follow you out of obligation is silly. Sure, you may have a thousand “followers” - but that doesn’t mean they care about what you have to say. I’d much rather have 100 people who follow me because they value what I have to say and want to hear from me…than 1000 who followed me just because I followed them first.


Get more huge follower and post some links on it in order to follow the link from twitter to your site.

You can create your own page and groups related to your website and can promote your site.

@ Tweeter: You need more and more related followers of your niche which you want to promote.

@ Facebook, same method as Twitter but in FB you have one advanced option to create pages, so create pages in FB and promote those pages as well your another website. This will help you in many ways of promotion and to increase sales from FB pages functionality.

If you have ever used squidoo or hubpages, face Book page creation function is same as that with more advanced features.

I use both and the best way is to give a few daily updates about what is new on your site and just things like that. You can also thank users for commenting on your site and promote that way, One thing that I do for is run a poll on the sidebar and I get many people that come to the site just to answer the polls and then they stay and read the articles.

befriend those people that you think will be interested to the site both fb and twitter but as a user not an advertiser
don’t ever spam

It doesn’t matter what the largest social network is if your specific audience isn’t represented there. Niche social networking tools may be a far better option than simply going with networks that always seem to be getting the buzz. For example, no network yet beats Myspace for promoting to musicians. If you’re trying to reach an adult audience as opposed to teens, you may be better off using a service like If you want to network with other professionals in your industry, LinkedIn might serve your needs more effectively. There are also smaller social networks targeted to very specific niches (webmasters, photographers, etc.). There’s no reason to try to “do it all.”

In facebook, you can add as many friends as you can, but adding friends must be approved, join group pages and you will able to have access to all of the members on the group, participate with the discussion on the group page, be visible and surely adding friends within the group will surely boost your number of friends. After adding friends you can now start promoting your product, having more friends will surely create huge traffic on your site.