How to increase PR easily?

I have a Islamic blog in Blogspot. Here I write different artical on subject of Islam. And also I post many Islamic picture related to Quran, Hadith, many islami story. No I wanted to increas its PR. At present it have PR 0 out of 10.
Now, how can I incerase its PR? If any one know about it then please give me suggestion.


Hi @tafi_nami, and welcome to the forums.

I would strongly suggest that you forget all about PageRank. Google has been saying for more than five years that it’s not something webmasters/site owners should be concerned about.

You might find this video useful:


You might also find the links in this post helpful:


I watched the video and also read both content. Thank you for helping me. Now i have to clear what should I have to do.
And keep helping us like this. :blush:

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I love seeing stuff like this. It is super helpful and gives me an idea of what to do next.

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We can increase the pr of any website very easily. The main logic behind this is link building. The high pr websites gives more traffic to our website through which we can improve the page rank very easily.

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The majority of PR comes from backlinks (those backlinks should be high PR links and ideally related to your content), the next biggest factor is your content (unique, frequently updated, and helpful). Beyond that there are many small factors that help with PR, including but not limited to social media, article links, page speed etc.

With that said, increasing PR is a very difficult and slow process, and google recommends ignoring it all together.

PR no longer is worthless is better than forget

PR is not worthy still it is an important criterion to judge useful page. I have seen many useless sites with high PR.

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Sorry, but no. PageRank is only concerned with incoming links.

There are many factors which influence your position in search results (SERPs), but they are not relevant to PR.

[quote=“Vikas_Avnish, post:14, topic:200467”]
it is an important criterion to judge useful page. I have seen many useless sites with high PR.
[/quote]You seem to be rather contradicting yourself here. But yes; just having high PR is not enough to indicate it is a quality site, which is why Google has been saying for years that ageRank is not the most important factor, and not one webmasters should focus on.

for high page need these
keyword in tittle
5-10% keyword density
visitor by backlink
unique post
large post

@mamunkhanbd - did you read the thread before you posted that? I’ve just explained - with a Google reference to back it up - that PR is based on backlinks alone. If you have a more recent Google source to confirm your own view, I’d be grateful if you would share it.


There is no pr now since Google stop its update. Maybe focus on the content and do some promotion.

Sorry - that’s just wrong. I suggest you watch the Matt Cutts video in post #2.

You got your eyes on me, right? Pr is gone, why google stop it? It was over evaluated. Chasing things like this can’ t help with your website. Just focus on the content and do some on page and off page seo instead of obsessing over pr

Google have not “stopped” PageRank. It still exists, and they still use it. What they have stopped is giving regular public updates of PageRank, partly because webmasters had become obsessed with it to the exclusion of all else.

[quote=“Hayley_Jones, post:22, topic:200467”]
Just focus on the content and do some on page and off page seo instead of obsessing over pr
[/quote]That’s exactly right - and what we’ve been saying right through this discussion.

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Question? Does google still update page rank nowadays?

Nope, and they have no plans to.

Thank you.

Just to clarify: Google still uses PageRank for their own purposes, as one of the metrics they take into account in ranking a site. However, they have long since stopped issuing regular public updates to PR. The last I heard was as @RyanReese said - they had no plans for a future update.