How to increase PR easily?

By making quality back links means off page, You can increase your PR and do not forget on your website must have unique and quality content, Different from other website page content.

You must be post your site on pr ranking sites. like

Article and Social Submission

Firstly, PR is calculated per page, not per site. So even if you find a site with a high PR home page, the chances are that any inner page where your link might appear will have very low PR.

Secondly, Google gives very little weight to links which you place yourself (those it describes as “not editorially vouched for”).

And thirdly, those are some of the things which Google warns to be wary of, as you could end up doing your site more harm than good.

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Thank For the sharing useful informations.

how to increase my search ranking can any please help me and get high pr ranking back links for my sites

Have you even read the previous posts?

@bhupathireddy1 - you seem to be confusing PR (PageRank), which is the topic of this thread, with SERP (search engine results page).

Please have a look around the marketing forum, where you will find plenty of threads discussing SERPs.

As @Gandalf says, the issue of backlinks has been covered quite thoroughly already in this thread, but again, you will find further discussion in the Marketing forum. For example: How to get Do Follow links

This problem is extremely common.

I prefer “rank” when about pages and “position” when about SERPs, but unfortunately many continue to use “rank” for both and I can’t make others bend to my will. (I flunked out of Jedi training :frowning:),

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PR mean Page Rank. It can be easily increased if increase backlinks. You should have to get links from related sites. Then it will be definitely increased.

If you had read this thread you would see what you claim is nonsense.

IMO, a good PR is like an indicator. Good content with good PR will bring in loads of organic traffic.

Perhaps - but it’s an indicator which will be out-of-date because Google has long since ceased to publish regular updates.

[quote=“TechnoBear, post:31, topic:200467”]
Google still uses PageRank for their own purposes, as one of the metrics they take into account in ranking a site. However, they have long since stopped issuing regular public updates to PR.
[/quote]So by obsessing about getting links from pages with perceived high PR, webmasters may be ignoring more recent pages which Google considers to be authoritative and have high PR simply because the published PR for that page is ouit of date or not available. Forget PR and use your own intelligence to judge the quality of a site.

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I don’t think increasing PR is a easy task.You can increase your PR by creating backlink on high PR sites. It is very important to choose your keyword perfectly and focus on it.

As I’ve already pointed out:

and also, because Google is no longer issuing regular public updates to PR, any PR ranking shown for a page is likely to be out of date or incorrect.

[quote=“rafidbin, post:52, topic:200467”]
It is very important to choose your keyword perfectly and focus on it.
[/quote]Why? What has that to do with PR? PR is based on the number and quality of incoming links.