Increase my sites PR

Hi ,
I want to increase my sites PR, its PR is 0 from few months and I am continue working on link building and directories , But The PR is not increasing. Please give me suggestion.
Thanks in advance…

Before doing your link building techniques, re-index again your site in Google.

Hi IntegratedS,

Simple ways we have to increase the PR for our site, but we need wait 2 or 3 month bcz google will updates the sites. Here we have most of the process for promoting the site for high page rank,

Try to do, Social Book Marking, Directory Submissions, Articles Submissions is the high priority task, Press Release, Forums, Blog Commenting, create link wheels means web 2.0 pages and Link building. Etc…

Before promoting the site do on page optimization and check once your keyword density.

everyone wants to increase PR of his site and the way is same just create backlink for your site and crawl your page by google.

My suggestion is that you stop fixating on your PR value. It is only one of 200+ different signals that Google uses in indexing/ranking your site/page.

Since it ONLY represents the number/quality of your backlinks - and not your site ranking or traffic, then it is a meaningless metric. Since the quality and relevance of your backlinks is more important to your site than the number, you should concentrate on building those, and then in turn your traffic/rank.

Do more quality backlinks, do blog commenting, article submission, forum posting. It will help you to increase page rank.

If you have links from pages with ie PR4 you would probably get PR2 after the next update.
Find blog posts with high PR that allows dofollow links in comments. Hard to find but they are out there.

PR is not so important as long as your site is meaningful for the most.

A high Pr does not mean your page in google will be better.I have 2 blogs whose pr is 0 still they rank in top 10 in google.
just stop worrying about your pr and keep building backlinks…

you should do continue your job, and get good quality link you should do also social bookmarking, after some time you get pr, you can not get pr in a one or two weak

Hi, U Will get god Good Backlinks after ur website page Rank is Raising…

  1. Article submissions
  2. Press Release submissions
  3. Major Search Engine submissions
  4. Blog submissions
  5. Forum submissions
  6. Directory submissions
  7. Online Groups submissions
  8. Classified Ads submissions
  9. Social Bookmarking submissions
  10. Social Media Network Submissions

If you are looking for High PR then turn some high PR pages to your site, keep in mind that linking pages must be really good in quality and dont have bunch of out-going links, I will suggest you opting the monthly link placements on PR5-7 for best results

Please Read: Web Site Basics: Stuff Beginners Need To Know

One common misconception is that a web site’s ranking in a search engine is tied to its PageRank. PageRank is a trademarked term used by Google to determine how much authority a web site has. Fundamentally, the way it works is this: the more links to a web site, the more important Google considers that site to be and, therefore, the higher its PageRank.

In the end, a site’s PageRank value (or its ranking using any other metric, for that matter) is meaningless if the site ranks well in results pages for Google and other search engines for the phrases that matter to your client. The key to achieving (and maintaining) success is to continually monitor your site’s traffic using an analytics package like Google Analytics. The insight that this data can provide on how visitors use your site and what keywords they type to find it will be invaluable in shaping the site’s SEO strategy.

and What’s Your Link Reputation?

At some point, the Pagerank you see in the Google toolbar will be almost irrelevant, as the actual determinants of rank will be hidden within a massive mathematical equation that includes topic-sensitive Pagerank.

There are some people that will never stop asking how to increase their
PageRank and there are some people that will never stop saying “Don’t
focus on PageRank; it’s meaningless”.

Imo, they are not asking how to increase PR because they have not yet
been told that they shouldn’t. They have read those “PR is not important”
posts plenty of times, imo.

They are asking because they want to ask. They like PageRank. They are
somewhat intrigued with PageRank.

So, let them be.

just my 2 cents,

@Bompa Agreed 100% :agree:

That isn’t the issue here. The issue is the thread becoming cluttered with misinformation. Hopefully a few members will read the articles and learn the truth. As it’s all been said before. topic closed.