How to increase google pr?

Hey guys:
Can you tell me how to increase my google pr?

Try to get a link from higher PR site, i.e. incoming links from higher PR websites.

Two ways.

  1. Get lots of junk links to your page from anywhere you can regardless of where that might be. That way you may quickly achieve PR8 and page 100,000 of the search results.

  2. Concentrate on making a site attractive to visitors and get relevant links to your page from pages on related subjects. As more people enjoy your page they may add further links to it helping even more people find it. All the relevant links will push your page up toward page one of the results and you may find that your PR has built to 5 or 6 without your having to create any links yourself.

sounds perfect, but as it’s hard to make it :slight_smile:

Yes it is the hard way but it is also the only way where PR has any meaning at all in terms of what you are really trying to achieve by having the web page.

Just buy a few high PR links. LOL


A little known, but effective method

Basically, optimize your site for SEO, and then market it.

You can start with posting articles, forum postings, etc. Then, grow your promotion to include social sites (where people spread your links for you, because you’re giving a quality product/service).

The best way is foeget PR and do what you need to to optimize your web site, you may find your PR improved some day

PR is overrated. Just build a good site, unique content, SEO and all the other secret ingredients which makes a website successful:)

Quality content, SEO 7 adequate link building help in increasing page rank.

keep checking it daily, install the SEO Firefox toolbar so that you’ll be among the first to know when your PR has been updated, worry about it a lot, discuss it on forums even more than you worry about it, and then once you’ve done all that (and hopefully a few other things in between to actually build your site) you’ll probably be at the stage where you…

have a decent pr… and

don’t check your pr daily, decide to uninstall the SEO Firefox toolbar so that you don’t know when there has been a toolbar pr update, don’t worry about it at all, and discuss it on forums even less than you worry about it

but until then, do all the things I mentioned first… coz that’s what all of us do for a while…

PR is mainly calculated based on backlinks that your site is getting. Backlinks from a higher PR page could contribute more PR value to your site/page.

  1. Get lots of junk links to your page from anywhere you can regardless of where that might be. That way you may quickly achieve PR8 and page 100,000 of the search results.
    I mean don’t get me wrong here but is this a joke or are you serious. felgall? Again don’t get me wrong just wondering. :slight_smile:

I think yes content is gold online. Get a blog, join communities, forums, write good blogs, articles, basically free information that people can enjoy and benefit from it.

I think tongue was firmly planted in the cheek for that one (look at answer #2 - that’s his serious answer)

links from High Pr and related site are more valued by Google… Get this types of as many as you can to get high PR…

You can increase your Page Rank if you do more link building and more posting on social bookmarking sites. For me 30 to 50 links a day to a high PR social bookmarking sites and do follow blogs and forums will help your site boost a lot in Page Rankings. Another thing always keep your site updated so that you will regular visitors :smiley:

Your site will get PR automatically with its age and some good links. Yes, age matters

No. Age doesn’t matter. PR is all about (and only about) the links and the PR they pass.

Get good backlinks from good pagerank websites and in such a way that it is not too quick. Then you will easily be able to get pageranks.