How long it would take for a website to have PR rising?


The PR of one of my sites is still 0 although lots of works about its marketing has been doing for almost a year. How long it would take for a website to have PR rising?

continus from the back links building, it can start faster from doing the following works:

  1. upload your site to website directory
  2. uipload more articles with the text-link of your domain to pr articles site, articles sites
  3. open a blog with your domain and upload your bog url to the blog directory
  4. play more in the social bookmark and social media with the leaving of your link there (remember comes with good content first, otherwise would be spam complaint)
  5. get more link exchange with your friends.
  6. if your have an children in the school, usually, the school would provide the student a free space with the .edu domain, lets your children to make an html page with your link there in their own .edu space.
  7. in the blog, pls try to keep 1 day upload 1 article or at least 1 days update the content once.
  8. add your products in the classified ad with your site’s links there
  9. in any of the personal profile online, pls always add your domain there in your personal profile when the site exist of such place for their users.

[FONT=Verdana]For the benefit of anyone who hasn’t heard me say this before…


No-one cares about PageRank … even Google barely cares about PageRank. What matters is where your page appears in the search results for your targeted words and phrases.[/FONT]

i agree with steve d. too.

pagerank, facebook/linkedin/myspace/hi5 community, alexa ranking, technorati value:
from 2011, they are only a sort of the best ABOUT US. after people land to your site, and they still need to check the site owner’s reputation, reliability, trustful or not, they can search from those different indexes about.

for example, i would check the supplier facebook community to see what friends they are usually interact with, and what kind of the friend, if there are all knowledgable, then, that’s a good to start the interacting. if not, only share some porn or talk about strike, then, i would usually quit to interact with.

Well still i have question is that if your sites PR only 1 and your competitor PR 3 or 4 than it won’t effects of their keywords?

If you are asking if PR has any effect on your site’s (or your competitors’ sites’) ranking in a search engine, the answer is No.


Forget about page rank. Focus more attention to the types of contents (articles, videos, podcasts, photos) you’re posting regularly and the white-hat link building strategies you’re using. Your page rank will simply improve in the long run.

I partially agree with you as high PR websites get good amount of income from ads. Which website have high PR get high ads income but you are very right about google search engine results as it does not count PR… Google is more concern about relevance.

I’m intrigued by that (and I’m not saying you’re wrong, just querying it) – are there many ad networks out there that base income on your PR? The ones that I’ve come across are either based on clicks or impressions.

Hello everyone I want take for a website and with My four keyword to have PR rising. But I dont know what is good way to rising PR? If anyone know it please message me hare


Read post #3. I’m not saying it again.

PR update happen once in 3 or 4 months by Google. If after one year still your site is PR0, try of getting Dofollow links through blog comments, forum posting and social bookmarking.Nofollow gives only traffic whereas dofollow increases your PR of the website.

Thank you all for the advice. I am well aware of SERP is more important than PR. However, isn’t it more beneficial for a website to have high PR?

i agree with idea of merici.
link exchange, website directory, article directory, social book marking can take for a website to have PR rising in 6 months or even 1 year.

No. Forget about PR. Put it out of your mind. Move on. Focus on the important things in your life. Mike

Well, I can see their point since there are some who have this mindset that those sites with the high PR are considered the ones that are reputable. It’s like they’re saying that the reputation of a site is directly proportional to its corresponding PR, when in fact that’s not true at all. There are good sites out there with PR 0 that have a lot more useful content in the eyes of other people that those who have already established a certain brand.

Doesn’t where your page appears in the search results depend on your PageRank?

No. :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: thanks. I have just gotten into SEO 2 months ago and have really become obsessed with it, its taken over my entire life. The first thing I did for my domain is build lots of original content that was interesting to people and that people liked to read and immediately I went from no traffic to 500 uniques a day. This week my traffic has slowed way down to around a 3rd of that. I can see why to; last week I was on 1st page results for several active key words and now I am 2nd or 3rd page. Nothing on my website has changed. I don’t understand what happened but I suspect that I have to build more quality back links?

I was on top of the world last week with all that traffic coming in, now I am just depressed and desperate to figure out how to get it back:mad:

What’s changed is that you’re focused on the game, not the value, and that will lead to extreme fluctuations.

What I mean is that if you’re thinking about your site in terms of “how do I get a better rank” and not “how do I create more value that should be well ranked” you become subject to the constant changes in search processes. You’ll rush out to get a bunch of backlinks, spike up, but then an update happens, the engines see that you’re playing and smack you down. Or change the value of the sites you had. Or one of the hundreds of people who really knows, and really profits from, SEO tricks outflanks you. The more you play, the bigger the swings will be.

This is not to say you shouldn’t put an emphasis on SEO – understanding what drives results and why is extremely useful but the obsession many develop to look at these points alone blinds them from the bigger picture. Engines are changing every day to try and improve their results and what stands the test of time best is creating real value. Value that’s well built for engines to spider, and for people to share or link to from their own sites – but that’s far different from backlinks, alt tags, meta tags, keyword stuffing or whatever the SEO trick of the day may be.