I Need some expert advise

I’m doing Off-page optimization for an It company website for four months now, but the PR of the website has not increased. Please provide your input.


I suggest you ignore the PR, which is not a particular useful or reliable measure. Instead, focus on the traffic that the site is attracting - and especially the quality of the traffic.


No one can tell you about how you can increase PR of your websites as it is algorithm of Google but if you want to increase PR then you should get quality back links from high authority sites.

Increasing PR is not one month job, Google are taking more than 3 months for PR updated. So work regularly with quality backlinks that your website can get good link juice and help to increase your website’s PR value.

Just try to get backlinks from a high PR pages which doesn’t have to many internal or external links, so that you can get a good amount of link juice out of it.

Thanks for the advise guys… :slight_smile:

PR has nothing to do with the success of any website, try to optimize website with the most relevant and low traffic keywords initially, try long keywords with long phrase and rank high to start receiving returns on SEO investments

Yes, it has nothing to do with the success of a site, but it’s usually the statistic that people look at to determine if your site is reputable or not. I know that there are some good and reputable sites out there that have low PageRanks, but it’s usually the high-PR ones that are noticed. Anyway, it takes a few months before the PR is updated. I suggest that you check some on-page stuff like the meta description and all that. About the off-page optimization techniques that you were talking about, care to share what you have been doing for that site?

But i think Pr play a little bit role in increasing your site page rank…So concentrate on dofollow high pr rank website…and have patience google take time to update the page rank…

PR is only considered by google. Other search engines like yahoo, bing does not give much relevance to it. Although PR does count but you need to wait before there is a PR update. Also your PR will increase only if there are good incoming links on your home page from high PR relevant sites.

Try to build incoming links for your site from other websites. Prefer sites with high PR for getting incoming links. Check PR after few months. Things will improve gradually if you continue your efforts regularly for longer duration of time. Not to discourage you but results take time to show up. Why not improve on other aspects of website and try to gain better keyword ranking. That is what it matter in end.

The last PR update was in February, considering Google cuts the data 6 weeks before it updates pagerank you probably didn’t have enough SEO time before the cutoff. I agree with Mikl, focus on the traffic rather than the pagerank. Unless you are selling your site or selling pageranking services it’s not critical.

Hey I think You Should First Go for Google strategy. Because Google change the Algorithm For Increase PR and Submission See Google Panda For Better Know.

Even though PR isn’t terribly important it does seem to be one of your objectives. Keep creating backlinks from high PR sites. You will also want to become more versed in Google algorithms and Panda updates. Keep an eye on the Google blog and you may have a chance of keeping up with the constant changes. February alone saw over 22 changes so it is only to your advantage to study the changes and make your strategy plans accordingly.

Dear Rohan,

You have started with off-page activities just within four months, worrying about PR of your site? Don’t get so curious about page rank of your site because Google Page Rank algorithm evaluates well-crawled and indexed back links, which is one of major factor for attaining Page Rank. PR is usually updated after 3-4 times in a year. Right now, you focus on building quality back links for your website which will result in increasing page rank of your website.

PR depends on various significant factors such as domain-authority, quality of back links, reputation of your site, inbound and outbound links, page authority, content value and more.

Ultimate resource for Google Ranking factor you can enhance your knowledge with this Info graphics: http://searchengineland.com/seotable

Through this, hope you will now have more clarity and understanding.

OK i understand … look just submit bundle of high quality Directories listings it will effect in a days… That’s my experience


Hey Alpha,
Thanks for the advice. More specifically thank you for sharing the link. It has indeed helped me enhance my knowledge.
Thanks once again. :slight_smile:

I strongly do agree to you but hoe can we say that PR is not important for any website? I think a good PR means a good position in Google ranking… Infact, not only PR but every thing related to website promotion is necessary for any business website. If I am wrong then please give me some useful instructions…thanks:)

Good PR doesn’t necessarily mean “a good position in Google ranking”. What PR aims to measure is the “reputation” your site has received from the sites that link to you. But it’s a very imperfect measure; the figure is approximate, and is often considerably out of date.

More importantly, it is only one of many factors that Google uses in ranking a page within the search results.

For a business website, the most important goal to aim for is not PR, not even Google ranking, but “conversions” - that is, achieving whatever goal is the reason for the site’s existence. That’s what you should be focusing on, not arbitrary figures that mean very little.


I think you have to get Backlinks from high PR dofollow blogs and this way you can get high PR

I am also saying the same think Mike that a good business does not need only PR or Google ranking but communication to attract visitors is very necessary. You can not become good communicator without knowing all pros and corns or your business goods/services that you are providing. This thing automatically brings you up in Google and other business rankings.