Google Indexing Issues and No Traffic

Hi guys. I have a site. Its 8 months old with almost 180 articles, but a large chunk of my articles, 60+, are not being indexed.

It’s also not getting sufficient traffic (hit 1k traffic in month 7, last month).

My keyword analysis is good, choose low competition topic, wrong original content, many of my first articles ranked on page 1 in the first few months, yet no traffic till date.

Pls what can I do to increase the indexing and traffic?

Step 1: Learn to use the Search function on a forum.
Step 2: Read.
Step 3: Don’t post the same content as everyone else.
Step 4: Realize that the advice has not changed in 10+ YEARS.

It seems that your website is not getting search traffic at all. To attract significant amount of traffic to your site, you need to consider several topics:

Post Title: Your title and description must be compelling so that when website appears on Search Engine Result Pages people find your website relevant to their queries and click on it.

Use social media: Social Media traffic is free and excellent to promote your website. Mention your website’s link on social media pages. Post regular content regarding your topic and get traffic from there.

Referral Traffic: Create backlink on website relevant to your niche. It not only build your authority also sends referral traffic to your site