I Need SEO Help!

Hello everyone and thanks for the help in advance. I need help with SEO. I have read the Google search documents along with other help sites, but I cannot get my site to budge. To be honest, my site is basically brochure-ware but my problem is other sites that are also brochure-ware rank higher. My site is kidsmedicalcare.com. Sites constantly ranking higher are docs4kids.us, lighthouepediatrics.com, and applepediatrics.com. Search terms are “Naples FL pediatrician.” and “pediatricians near me”. I understand content is important, but none of these sites have any real dynamically changing content. There are actually a couple of sites of practices that have been closed for a couple of years that rank higher. Google search console shows a whopping 8 views this week. Its making me insane. I need help and would appreciate any input, but I need something more specific to get me started.


I am no SEO specialist, or fan for that matter, so my apologies right up front if I don’t address the question in a way you’d like. That said:

  1. Easiest start is to validate your code starting with your home page, at https://validator.w3.org/nu/?doc=https%3A%2F%2Fkidsmedicalcare.com%2F and fix any errors (and warnings and info items if you have the interest). Specifically on the home page you have a DOCtype way down the page and not on the first code line, which means your page is not really being parsed “correctly”. That may have SEO affect, I don’t know

  2. I’d look also on putting some more content (say a bit of content from some of your “about” pages) on the home page, so that search engines see a bit of “meat” rather than mostly menus and working hours.

  3. Recently I went doctor shopping, and my search was based on online ranking links (yelp?), references of local doctors from my insurance co. The last thing I really wanted was a bunch of doctors’ (apostrophe for your benefit :slight_smile: ) web sites each telling me that they were good doctors. This to say, I’m not sure how much SEO really affects your business, and suggest your make sure you are in the indexes of yelp and insurance companies, and that you try to get ratings entered from your patients.

Good luck!


Thanks for the response. The validation tool was helpful, so I cleaned up the errors. Like I said earlier, I understand content is king, but I am ranking below sites with the same or less content. To your point, fortunately, we do not rely on web searches for business, but since this is my wife’s site, I do need to figure out what the problem is.

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Are you using Google Search Console?

Have you submitted a sitemap?

Have you tried using Lighthouse?

The first competitor you list has information on 15 childhood medical conditions. The third competitor you list has information on 9 conditions. All those three competitors seem to have much more website content.
They may rank higjher in search results just because their websites have existed for longer. Their websites look much more professional but that should not affect SEO.

… same content?

How exactly have you got the same content as another site?

Hello, I find out somme informative contents like Blog posts.
I suggest to create 10 or 15 blog’s topics with 700 words and link each post from your strategic pages so as to rank higher.
You can also get backlinks from related blogs to help rank higher

To improve your website’s SEO, consider creating 10 to 15 informative blog posts, each with a target length of 700 words. These blog posts should cover relevant topics related to your industry and target audience. By adding valuable content, you can enhance your site’s authority and provide value to your visitors.

You also need to add the Google Search Console with your website and you need to make a proper cluster in your website.

Thanks for the response. I am using Search Console. No sitemap. Not sure how Lighthouse will affect SEO. Many of the pages came after ours, but now rank higher. Seems like the general consensus is add more content.

Submitting a sitemap to Google may result in your website being ranked higher.

Lighthouse does not affect SEO but may inform you how you can improve SEO. Currently it is informing you that “Links are not crawable” with a link to this guidance.

  • Review of your site content or structure
  • Technical advice on website development: for example, hosting, redirects, error pages, use of JavaScript
  • Content development
  • Management of online business development campaigns
  • Keyword research
  • SEO training

And we almost made it 2 whole weeks without a regurgitated bulletpoint list in this thread. Sigh.

At least you’re plagiarizing Google directly, this time.

Hi everyone.

Need help with our website’s SEO as well.
Any tips on how we could increase traffic?
Feel free to check our site and see if there is anything we are doing wrong.
Any tips or comments would be highly appreciated.

Thank you!

The tips will be exactly the same as every. other. SEO. thread. on. the. forum.

Try reading some of them. Or this one. Try reading this one. There’s a start.

So I made some validation changes. I have not changed any content. When I search “naples pediatricians”, my site does not show up at all, however, a link to this forum post appears on the search, but my site does not. I appreciate everyone’s input and am reading the suggested guides, but this is really not making much sense. The site http://www.marquespediatrics.com appears in the search even though they do not have a SSL and there is minimal content. I am developing content, but suspect there are other structural problems. As far as hiring a SEO expert, everyone claims to be an expert, but few truly are. If I could get some motion in the rankings, I am not against getting an expert, but I don’t know where to being. The site has been active for almost 20 years, so time on the internet is not an issue. Thank you all for the help.


If you haven’t done so already, you should create an entry on Google Maps for your wife’s business.

Fill out all of her details, opening times and make sure to add the website.

You might also want to look at the design and layout of the website.

For example, on the first page there is a tiny, blurred image of Google Maps. If you register the business on Google Maps, you can actually embed Google Maps on your site. This is much more use to your visitors, as (for example) they can create a personalized route to the practice.

Also, mark up the telephone numbers as actual telephone numbers, then it is one click for mobile users to give you a call.

And I would hire a photographer to take some photos of your wife, her team and her practice. This will create a much more professional impression. The site in its current state doesn’t do the best job of promoting the business.

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On Google your site is currently showing up on page 7.

I think it should help if you change the title of your home page to 'Pediatrician Naples FL - Diana McLaughlinn, MD PA"

Try to do new research and most important post backlinks. I also increase my website DA and it’s also help me to basset my website traffic. It’s all about hard working

OK. I made the change. Am also working on updating content.

I am no SEO expert, I am not a great advocate of ‘AI’ applications and I have no connection with AHREFS but they do a free SEO analysis product that runs on line and lists many areas that could be causing problems re canonical links, title and description lengths, 3xx and 4xx errors, broken links, slow pages. I find it a great way of highlighting errors that may negatively impact SEO. It’s then up to you what changes you make.

You say -

Which puts you in a pretty strong position for promoting your site via existing clients and enquiries, do not underestimate the power of backlinks - they are gold!

Thanks for the response. So how do I get backlinks for this little site?