Site Traffic Not Increasing

Hey folks,

I’ve been having this recurring problem with a few of my sites now, but basically every site I make and buy domains for never really seems to get much traffic at all. Some of the sites are 4-5+ months old and are still only receiving a handful of unique visitors a day (like 10 or so at most, if I’m lucky). Now, naturally I thought I might have just been in a bad / too competitive niche, but like I’ve said I’ve tried a couple now for a couple of months each.

I know SEO and generating traffic isn’t easy, and can be a slow process, but I’m starting to think I’m just doing something terribly wrong at this point, haha.

Basically, here is what I do at the moment, so please, if you see anything I’m doing wrong or anything that could be improved, let me know, I would greatly appreciate it.

  1. Research keywords to find ones that aren’t too competitive, but are still searched for
  2. Use those keywords (not overuse though) in title tags, heading tags, and anchor tags
  3. Use a good (5-10%?) keyword density when writing content
  4. Add alt tags to images
  5. Find a domain with keyword in it
  6. Submit site to search engines
  7. Submit site to web directories or high ranked sites (The only thing I really do is post an article on squidoo or slideshow on
  8. Post ad with website in classifieds on craigslist
  9. Try to use social media where possible (Facebook I use the most)

Again, if there is something I can improve or if I’m doing something completely wrong, please let me know as the traffic does not seem to be improving at all. Actually, the majority of my visitors come from adwords

Thanks in advance,


Not alone facebook, you have to use other social media sites like twitter, google +, linked-in, pinterest, stumbleupon and others effectively.

My guess is that people have trouble finding your sites with search machines. Do you know where is your site in google search? The thing you wrote and have done are right maybe you should do them more to get more quantity :slight_smile: hope it helps :slight_smile:

I hope you will get more expert opinions when the SP gurus will look into this thread.
Your listed steps are good enough to get the organic search traffic, which in most of the cases is the right one and long lasting. I hope if right keywords are used, your search ranking will improve by the time.

To get immediate change in free traffic flow, submit your pages to social bookmarking. I noticed traffic from stumbleupon, fave, google + and from blogs and forums where I used to comment. ezines and press releases are also a good source of free traffic.

There are several different factors that you need to consider.

First, if you google for keywords relevant to your site, where does your site appear in the results? (Remember to use a “clean” browser, where you have not logged into your Google account and where you have never clicked on a Google link through to your site, to make sure that you’re seeing the listings as other people do). If you have a good place in the results, that’s one problem ticked off - but if your site isn’t ranking highly then you need to look at why not. Reasons could be that you haven’t got a whole lot of readable content there, your navigation may be unclear, you may have duplicate content diluting the googley goodness of several pages, your code may not correctly identify headings and other features, or Google may not have found many reputable links pointing to your site clearly indicating what it’s about and why people should look at it. Or it may even have penalised you if it thinks you have been using dodgy tactics such as excessive linking between a family of sites.

If your site is ranking fine for relevant keywords, the problem could be that people just aren’t searching for those words - or at least may be phrasing their question or search differently - in which case you need to reconsider whether it’s a worthwhile niche to be in or if you need to change your strategy. If there are lots of people making those searches, you need to think about why they aren’t clicking through to your site. Do others present themselves better? Does the entry for your site look too spammy? Do your title and description show it at its best and entice people to click?

Use Press Release Submission as Google cathces them in Google News

your meta tag description is change and add unique article
your use social site are use like linked in, twitter, Google+, pinterest,etc
top rank site you post article then article unique with keyword
post add top site like OLX, quikeer
social book marking site you post your site
i hope my advise useful you

Traffic these days is all about persistence, time, and diversification(and capital always helps). Others have listed a lot of sites that can get you traffic, but to add on to those just think about anywhere users go that’s related to your site. Also one I didn’t see listed is youtube. Youtube can be so incredibly useful in pulling in steady flows of traffic, just make quality videos and have a link to your site either in the video or in the video subscription.

Google is about engagement now. Learn what engagement is, how to encourage it and most importantly, how to measure it.

As Google panda update hints that Google now requires quality and High PR backlink which is not easy to get. So just do submissions in High PR and reputed sites and dont do much spamming i think this will definitely help to get your site rank in Google and Increasing Visitors.

Well said friend, social media in huge demand for relevant traffic. Additionally we can work on other sources like forum posting, blog posting, <snip />, classfieds, web2.0 blog etc… thanks

good luck everyone!!

Everything you’ve recommended is considered spam. Skip link building and focus on whatever it is you offer. Build and be useful.

First of all, I think you got your keyword research wrong.

The keyword you should target is something which should have some good searches like 500 to 1000 and should have low competition.

You should also check your competition in quotes and competition in title on Google.

If the competition is too high, it simply means that it is not worth to go for that keyword.

You also need to check the page rank of your competing websites. If it is too high, it will be difficult for you to remove them from search engines.

Keyword density 5-10 percent is too high. Keep it around 2%. 10% will bring harm but no benefit. Make content for users not Google.

Participate in social media and focus on content marketing,identify the readers who are regular on your posts and comment frequently, reciprocate them accordingly to initiate a better engagement.

If any body want get huge traffic they must be follow the below tips:

  1. Get Website Traffic with Search Engine Optimization
  2. Traffic Optimization Process
  3. Choosing the Right Keywords for Quality Traffic
  4. Increase Web Traffic with Effective Link Management

I would narrate my experience here.I used social sharing and bookmarking for my blogs.I used twitter,facebook,stumbleupon,reddit,delicious and few more.I have seen a traffic improvement of 300% after that.

You have to be patient and you need to keep promoting your site all over the web. for example social networks just like others have said but the key to success is to be persistent and patient :slight_smile:

Hi read your problem. You know only adds submission and facebook is not sufficient to generate traffic. May be your keyword selection is wrong. Search for good and relevant keywords, write unique content, submit sitemap and follow seo process i.e submit forums, make blogs, do blog commenting, submit press releases, use some targeted keywords too, make a facebook fanpage etc. Surely, all this help you in increasing traffic to your site.

There are pretty much 3 parts in obtaining traffic:

  1. SEM
  2. SEO
  3. SMM

And to achieve good results in all of them, you need to know who and where is your target audience.
When you do, search for the places where these people are spending their time and start advertising there.