How to increase my website Traffic?

Hello Friends,

Tell me, How to increase my website Traffic?

First off, wrong category :slight_smile: Marketing is what you want if you want to increase your traffic, second, you may find the following topic useful

Next provide us some specifics. What does your site currently offer? Who is your target audience? What aspects of your site do you feel are not being picked up by search engines and the like?

Are you wanting to advertise? Are you utilizing social media?

If you want to get backlinks which is counted by google then you need to get quality backlinks from authority websites. sites which have good page rank and have sufficient amount of quality content.

Ok, before this topic goes off into SEO generalities, there are two things to note.

  1. The question is specifically about increasing traffic.
  2. Until @Martandtechnologies replies to the questions which cpradio asked, we have insufficient information to offer much by way of useful advice.

Please do not post general SEO information; the topic linked in post #2 already covers all the basics and more.


Content marketing is a good choice. For example, you can submit SEO articles to, etc. Here is a list of top article directories: <snip>

I have removed the link to the directory list, as these things are easily found by an Internet search, and posting them here often leads to a spate of useless link-dropping.

As the OP has never returned, and the discussion is going nowhere, there seems little point in continuing.

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