Not getting relevant traffic

Hello Everyone!
I started my website which has perfect on page SEO and technical SEO. I did the off page SEO as well I am getting traffic on my website I am using social media etc like I am literally doing everything I can. I am making backlinks from the relevant sites too but still not getting clicks on my website.
Can someone please help me out with this issue?

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Of course. Search Sitepoint and you have 50+ threads about this :wink:

I did not find any related tho. my issue is specific I know all the typical answers I am looking for something new.

All you are going to get are the same old answers that have already been repeated a million times, just as your question has been asked a million times already.

So yes, search the forums and find the answers you already know.
Or wait for those same answers to be repeated here once again.

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Introducing Emma Smith, a dynamic professional in the field of mental health SEO

This made me curious. What is your specific issue?

Hi there emmasmithes127,

without the benefit of seeing the website,
it is impossible to make any suggestions.

Having said that, the lack of interest in your
site may be down to very poor content.

Further reading:-

The Top 8 Factors

You will notice that Google makes it the
Number One priority. :+1:

why are you fighting with me??? If you don’t want to answer just don’t do it. I did not forced you to comment xD

Well since youre unwilling to accept that nothing new has existed in SEO farming in dozens of years and that there is no magic bullet, since if there was one, everyone would do it and it wouldnt be magic…

Thread’s done.


trong SEO may not equal relevant traffic. Here are the settings:

Content Audit: Ensure consistency and quality with search intent.
Craft themes that are clickable.
Overhaul social media strategy for target audience and platform.
Use long tail keywords for better conversions.
Analyze website traffic to understand user behavior and optimize content.

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Some “new” ideas?

21 results for****headlines and meta descriptions for your content
45 results for****aligns with what users are actually searching for
50+ results for****engage with your audience
50+ results for****Use website analytics to see what content

SEO = spam magnet? Or copycat?



The point hes making is that you started this out by saying you didnt want to read old posts cause they have nothing new in them.

Hes pointing out that everything in maazk’s post is in dozens and dozens of old posts. So all you get is old posts, regurgitated again. Nothing new. Just the same SEO spam.


You should see from where your top competitor is getting the backlink and then reach out to those websites for backlinks.


yes but those websites they do not reply back to my emails!

And that’s going to happen. You choose either to keep trying or move on.

(Also, to save sibertius the effort of clicking the search bar again to post it… 50+ results for “competitor backlink”… again, this is nothing new to the forum that you wouldnt have found with a modicum of effort.)



Either email them again, or try other avenues to contacting them. Social media, etc.

SEO is not an easy thing to do, nor is it easy to get traction if that’s solely your focus. If you focus on good quality content which is timely, well written and relevant to the subject matter, the growth will come. Organic growth often works out better in the long run, regardless.

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Hi @emmasmithes127 here are the things you need to observe. After doing onpage SEO, please check the content as comparing to competitors. May be they are covering more LSI keywords that are relevant and long tail keywords in content and headings.

Check again the onpage SEO checklist.

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Improving traffic to a website can be achieved through various strategies. Here’s a tip focused on content marketing:

  • Identify Your Target Audience
    *SEO Optimization
    *Content Variety it means offer a mix of content types such as blog posts, videos, infographics, and podcasts to keep your audience engaged.
    *Regular Updates
    *Share on Social Media
    *Engage with your audience like respond to comments and questions on your content
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Ah we’ve gotten to the copy-paste bulletpoint list stage of a marketing thread…

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Best thing to do is optimize for on page seo as much as you can.

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