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By Aaron Osteraas

Celebrating The Cicada Principle

By Aaron Osteraas

You may have noticed the updated background on DesignFestival, currently, it is Blind Date Prep by Alan Dowling.

Over the next number of weeks we’ll be rotating the background through the most popular entries to further show off the hard work people applied in this contest.

Didn’t catch the contest?

Thanks again to all of the entrants for their great work!


  • Hey Aaron,

    I just wanted to comment and say, although I’m not a regular reader of Design Festival, as I’m more of a developer than a designer, I actually -love- the current background of the Website, that being Winter Candy by Alex Walker. Great idea on celebrating the Cicada Project – Perhaps you could have the background of the Website as Winter Candy indefinitely after you’ve finished celebrating?

    Brilliant project by Alex and the Design Festival team. It’s an amazing breakthrough in Website background design.

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