By Jennifer Farley

Brazil 2014 World Cup Logo

By Jennifer Farley

Just when you thought you’d had enough football (or maybe not enough, in some cases) FIFA, the international football organization revealed the logo design for the next world cup which will take place in Brazil in 2014.

The new design entitled “Inspiration”, was the winning submission, chosen from 25 entries. The judging panel included famous Brazilians, model Gisele Bundchen and author Paulo Coelho. The logo was designed by Sao Paolo based agency Africa. Brazil President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva spoke at the unveiling and said “Brazilians are confident, and love the challenge of presenting a beautiful World Cup”.


The logo is a representation of the World Cup trophy formed by three linked hands in the national colors of Brazil, yellow and green with the year of the tournament appearing in a bright red hand-drawn typeface. While the red certainly stands out, the Brazilian flag is yellow, green and blue. The style of the hands is very loosely drawn. They look like they have been drawn very quickly using the Pen tool in Photoshop or Illustrator.

As with almost every major logo launch, there has been much online debate and a certain amount of criticism about its execution. Some commentators have mentioned that a logo for a football competition shouldn’t feature hands wrapped around the ball. Others have referred to it as cheap clipart with the fingers on the hands resembling an alien’s fingers.

Here’s the video to go with the official launch of the logo:

What do you think of the logo? An amateur-looking Photoshop job, or a brightly colored homage to the country that has won five World Cup competitions in the past?

(And congratulations to Spain for winning the tournament!)

  • Tim
    • nicholsbryan

      I predict face-palm satire for loosing teams key players :)

  • deffvaltez

    My feelings are mixed with this design. I like how they used the assemblage of hands to create the shape of the world cup trophy, that was neat. They created a design that can easily be applied to t-shirts, banners, flags and so on. It’s very recognizable.

    However I think there should have been a better placement of colors. Even though green, yellow, blue and white represent the colors of the Brazilian flag, the logo uses too much neon green and the big yellow hand is distracting.

  • Anonymous

    All I see is facepalm:

  • XLCowBoy

    Somebody correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t the hands forming a Volleyball weave?

  • riaanva

    Not bad. I like it.

  • Ramm

    Don’t like it. Also, why put people like Gisele Bundchen and Paulo Coelho to pick something as important as that? It just doesn’t make sense to me.

  • Matt H

    All I would say to people commenting on this logo is… Have you seen the London 2012 Olympics logo?!

  • @deffvaltez : I think the blue is more a FIFA color, the blue on the brasilian flag is much more light.
    @Ramm : maybe because it’s not as important as that…
    @Matt H : Definitely agree, what an horrible logo for London, looks like an old punk vynil cover !
    I like this logo because of course it represents the cup itselft but I guess the green above means a lot in Brasil (or should), and the general shape is positive (growing, twisting).
    I’m just a bit deceived by the size of the date, should have been more visible in my opinion.
    Anyway, it’s just football and I’m french so I shouldn’t be there talking ;-)

  • Mário Almeida

    Hands are volleyball, not football. Good idea, bad implementation.

    • Steed

      The logo is based on the shape of the World Cup trophy, so the hands are round the world, not a football.

      The implementation is fine.

      • cjarvis4339

        It looks more like a volleyball than a football. Good idea. Bad implementation

  • At the beginning of the video: “the image that reflects the spirit of our people”.

    I like the logo and loved the video.

  • r_schel

    I like the idea and the colors and style is fun. The hands however are structured strangely. I wonder if there where other variations of the hands on the logo and somehow they decided this was the keeper.

    I do kind of see the volleyball weave.

  • s21825

    Hand ball … free kick for the other team.

  • Franklin Faruk

    Minha indignação como brasileiro e Design é estampada em todos os comentários que fiz. Isso é um logo barato, horrivel e trabalho de péssima qualidade!
    Primeiro pelo formato e falta de criatividade. Segundo pela escolha da cor VERMELHA no 2014. O Brasil não tem essa cor na bandeira nacional e isso é uma vergonha!!!! Só a Coca Cola mesmo pra estampar isso nessa marca da vergonha para o mundial que será realizado no Brasil.

  • Thiago Furquim

    I feel ashamed for the logo Brazil chose. Brasilian designers have always been respected for their work of great quality. I have nothing against Gisele Bundchen, Paulo Coelho, Ivete Sangalo and the other members of the jury, but the jury should have been formed by Designers. The only designer in the jury was Hans Doner who isn´t even Brazilian. I, as a Brazilian designer, feel sorry for this result, especially because the world cup is one of the most important events in the world and this logo doesn´t stand for the greatness of this event.

  • Marcelo

    You should know that this logo wasn’t chosen by any bid. The agency simply bought the rights to do it behind everyone’s back (in another words, corruption), and it is disapproved by 100% of the brazilian population.

    • cjarvis4339

      Yeah, its definitely not disapproved by 100% of the Brazilian population… People approved it. Obviously someone likes it.

  • Tomas

    What I find interesting is that they make logo 4 years in advance…

    • That’s because it takes 4 years to organize and promote the world cup, and the logo is pivotal to that – it goes on all the livery, all the branding, even the stationery. It’s the same reason why the 2012 Olympics logo was unveiled in 2008.

      I love the hands, personally, I think that’s a great motif. But the 2014 lettering seems like a bit of a after-thought, not really integrated, like they just suddenly went “oh hang on, we’d better move one the green hand top-right so we can add the year”

  • guilherme

    I’m a brazillian designer too, and I have mixed feelings about the logo. Nevertheless, I think that its application will tell us if it works or not. For me, the whole identity is more important than the logo itself. Let’s wait and see…

  • Tiziano

    The Brazil 2014 logo needs time before it can be judged properly.
    I have huge sympathy for those having to design a logo 4 or 5 years before it should be at its prime, so I would trust the agency’s foresight at this stage and wait until the logo has had a chance to mature before deciding on whether it works.
    I will say at this stage that the unorthodox placement and size of the copyright and registered marks does rather spoil the overall form of the logo… but they could still tweak this.
    I do however like the naive quality of its execution and, despite the red, it does communicate the essence of Brazil effectively.

  • Wayne

    The trophy is a world not a ball. The hands are grasping the WORLD. Pay attention before you post.

  • BigAl

    Given the state of modern day professional soccer, the hands should be in the “diving” position.

  • For me, the theme “Inspiration” doesn’t go with the logo. The logo speaks more of “Unity”.

  • Esteban

    It’s a tree, that’s why the yellow hand is the trunk and the other hands are the leaves, that’s why the fingers have leaf shapes. The people are embracing and protecting the world which is a tree from brazil.

  • Dany

    Fifa World Cup Brazil 2014
    First Wallpaper

  • Ramon

    I have a preference for the campaign logo

    It’s just simple to understand for anyone and the main thing is the ball. I didn’t like the red 2014 and I think Brasil in the bottom should of been another color because no one is really paying attention to it since most of the logo is already in green.

  • AlexVentpap

    I agree with Franklin Faruk about the use of red. Brasilian flag or national symbol doesn’t have that color. Aside this, I do like the approach which shows a dynamic flow and brings the idea of a soccer ball with the white stripes made with the spaces between fingers. Also, as a small detil, we got 14 and not 15 fingers.. 20’14’.

  • AlexVentpap

    I agree with Franklin Faruk about the use of red. Brasilian flag or national symbol doesn’t have that color. Aside this, I do like the approach which shows a dynamic flow and brings the idea of a soccer ball with the white stripes made with the spaces between fingers. Also, as a small detail, we got 14 and not 15 fingers.. 20’14’.

  • Julciia

    Facepalm o:

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