Big News! Flippa Acquires Domain Holdings

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Our friends at Flippa are celebrating a huge milestone today. We’re thrilled to announce that Flippa, the world’s largest marketplace for buying and selling domains, websites and apps, is now even better. Flippa, which started as part of our very own SitePoint Market, has acquired the Domain Holdings Group, one of the leading premium domain name sales businesses.

If you’ve been around SitePoint for a few years, you already know that Flippa has grown from a website marketplace into much more: it’s now a major player in the competitive domain name space. This expansion will double Flippa’s offering, giving you a huge selection of premium names to choose from.

In fact, just scrolling through the list of domain names for sale gives me a few ideas for potential new projects. for a SitePoint spin-off? to celebrate my true dairy love? for a photography app?

Interested in selling domain names you’ve picked up along the way? With a dedicated domains team, Flippa works hard to find buyers at the right price. Seriously, I share an office with that team: they are ridiculously dedicated.

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Ophelie was Head of Content at SitePoint and SitePoint Premium. She also runs

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