Best PHP IDE for 2014 – Survey

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Note: The survey is now closed. Results here.

The choice of editors and IDEs is vast in the PHP world – from platform specific to web based ones, from open source fully-fledged IDEs to commercial text editors, there’s more choice than one can have time to try out. In an effort to single out the best and most popular, we’ve put together a survey.

Participation is most appreciated, and to show you how much we love you for giving us a minute or two of your time, completing the full survey makes you eligible for winning some prizes. Several commercial IDE/code editor vendors have banded together and decided to offer their licenses to up to three lucky winners. If you win, you have the choice of picking from the pool of rewards which consists of the following:

Please read the survey very thoroughly in order not to get disqualified from the draw. There are some questions that are optional, but render you ineligible for the prizes, so please take your time.

This survey aims to gather usage data for various PHP IDEs and text editors in an attempt to identify the most popular one being used in 2014 Q1 and the reasons for its popularity. The survey will remain open for exactly one month, and the results will be published in full on In the interest of transparency, the data will also be made available to all in an unfiltered state shortly after the results are published.

Please do your best to write answers in English, and be mindful of grammar and punctuation. The more elaborate and detailed your answer is, the more chance it has of being featured in the results article.

As it would be overly easy to skew the results with the help of a bot, this survey requires you to input a valid and publicly accessible Google+, Twitter or Facebook username as a means of identification and fraud prevention. Alternatively, you can post a link to your personal website if you have one, as long as the website contains some type of information about you that identifies you as a unique human being (the about section, perhaps). This bit of information is called the identifier.

The “personal” information like age, gender etc, is required to gain more insight into the PHP community. Note that the actual identifier will NOT be made public after the survey – so if you input all the “personal data”, everything will be made public EXCEPT that. We only need your identifier as a proof of uniqueness. If you refuse to input any personal data, this will disqualify you from entering the reward pool at the end of the survey. Please answer those questions to help us more accurately gauge the PHP community.

The survey is now closed. Results here.

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