Ajax Patterns

    The concept of Design Patterns is familiar to many; short explanations of reusable techniques which you’ll find yourself adding to applications again and again. The Ajax Patterns Wiki is the beginning of an attempt to apply this pattern-gathering process to Ajax applications. While the wiki does list a wide variety of patterns, only about half are as yet documented, and the documentation often just contains a simple explanation of a pattern without examples. This has the potential to be a useful resource: when you’re developing a web application, a quick recourse to here will give you some pointers to where someone may have already developed the functionality you’re looking for, or perhaps even suggest a technique that you hadn’t thought of. It needs people to weigh in and fill in the blanks, though.
    Oh, and as someone noted, “Ajax”, “Patterns”, and “Wiki” together making up the name makes it 100% buzzword compliant. :-)