By Andrew Gardner

A Beginner’s Guide to Silverlight with PHP

By Andrew Gardner

In today’s tutorial, “A Beginner’s Guide to Silverlight with PHP,” author Jordan Knight takes a look at Microsoft’s .NET powered client side technology, Silverlight, which aims to satisfy the demand for Rich Internet Applications.

Jordan starts off by showing us how to get started with Silverlight development using Visual Studio from Microsoft’s Web Platform Installer, and concludes by demonstrating how to use Silverlight to access PHP based web services.

Microsoft Silverlight

As you move through the article you’ll learn how simple and practical PHP and Silverlight integration can be. When you’re done, you’ll have a good understanding of how your Silverlight app communicates with PHP using web services.

We have a quiz for you to tackle once you’ve read the tutorial, so why not see how good your memory is?

  • Carbonrider

    The link for article is not working. :(

  • When everyone else is talking about how flash will be killed my HTML5, you talk about Silverlight?

  • huckepick


  • I clicked on read the article and I got a 404…

  • All – Thanks for pointing out the incorrect link. It’s been corrected. :)

  • USPatriot

    @CodeFisher, Flash is created for dinky little web animations, such as ads and banners. Silverlight is created for professional/business/enterprise uses.

    • ian morton

      A little biased here. We use Flex for many business functions…it’s very quick to produce and view. But I think both Flash and Silverlight will be pushed to match HTML5 in the long term.

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