8 Great Presentation Tools for Entrepreneurs

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As an entrepreneur, it’s essential that you have excellent presentation skills. From giving presentations to potential investors and partners to presenting your product or service to potential customers, it’s important that you have a strong message, impressive visuals, and an easy to use platform.

The following tools will help you create dazzling presentations, regardless of the purpose or audience.

1. Animoto


Animoto helps you make custom videos. Over 13 million people have used the platform to create videos for presentations, websites, and other marketing materials. Plans start at $8/month (paid annually). For a monthly fee, you can create an unlimited number of videos. Depending on your plan, you can choose from a huge selection of templates and add your own logo.

2. Sliderocket


Sliderocket offers a creative new way to create presentations for your business. You can import existing presentations and modify them, or you can build them from scratch with the website. Access your presentations from anywhere since they are all uploaded to the cloud. You can easily share presentations with everyone who has access. Sliderocket also includes analytics tools that let you determine the effectiveness of your presentation once you post it online.

3. Slidedog


Slidedog lets you incorporate almost any media into your presentations. You can combine PowerPoint files, Prezi presentations, PDFs, web pages, and movie clips. You can create playlists for each presentation that will automatically play as the presentation progresses. One handy feature is the Slidedog app, which lets you use your smartphone as a remote. The app can also be used to incorporate polls into the presentation. Just post the question in the presentation, and let the audience answer on their smartphones.

4. Essay Mama

Essay Mama

If you are short on time or writing isn’t your strength, you can hire Essay Mama to create a custom PowerPoint for you. They’ll get to know you and your business and find out what the most important components of the presentation are. The staff is professional, and the writers all have advanced degrees in their fields of expertise.

5. PowToon


PowToon is a little different than the other websites on this list because it lets you create animated videos. The basic plan is free to use. You can get full functionality, unlimited videos, music, third-party transfer rights, and up to 60 minute videos for only $59/month (when billed annually). Some prominent customers are Coca-Cola, Cisco, Starbucks, and eBay.

6. Oomfo


Oomfo is specifically designed to help you create charts for your presentations that you cannot get in PowerPoint. You can link your data from Excel to the charts and make them animated. If you have already created charts for your presentation, you can convert them to Oomfo charts with one click. The site also has a helpful blog with useful information and resources for entrepreneurs.

7. Present.Me


Present.Me is a sales engagement platform that promises to help you “engage more prospects; build stronger relationships; close more deals.” Instead of the traditional (and boring) methods of reaching your customers (cold calling and email marketing), Present.Me lets you create targeted video messages. Plans start at $17.95/month for individuals.

8. Zoho


Zoho lets you create presentations, easily share them, and collaborate on documents from one platform. Zoho has three categories of work: Zoho Writer, Zoho Sheet, and Zoho Show. Writer helps you create awesome content. Sheet helps you make spreadsheets and graphs; Show lets you work with digital media to create slideshows and presentations. The site lets you decide who in your organization has access to your files. You can hide documents from some users or make them visible to everyone.

These tools will help you find success as an entrepreneur. You’ll be able to impress your viewers with your business model without distracting them with tacky visual effects or a low-quality presentation. These websites will give you the resources and advice you need to bring your brand to life and keep your message cohesive.

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