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7 Great Twitter jQuery Plugins

You can find jQuery anywhere in the world of internet right now. jQuery is used in different aspects of a typical or advanced websites especially in designs. There are lots of plugins out there; you just have to choose the right one that would fit your needs. Now, what I have here is a list of Twitter jQuery plugins that would probably help you with your advanced social networking sites.

1. Custom Twitter Timeline

View and post tweets with this twitter-like timeline.


2. jTweetsAnywhere

This simplifies the integration of Twitter into your web page.


3. Who-Tweet

This creates fancy share count button for stories in your twitter account.


4. Popular on Twitter Widget

This is topsy enabled jQuery plugin that lists the most popular posts on your website.


5. Twitter Friends & Followers Widget

A nice Twitter friends widget.


6. Realtime Tweet Bar

Display instant tweets related to your chosen content.


7. Twitter Ticker

Show your friends’ latest tweets by using a pure jQuery and CSS.


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